Early leaving in the Champions League must pay Borussia Dortmund expensive. The financial distance of BVB to the Bundesliga Primus FC Bayern will probably be a good bit bigger.

The supposedly lightweight group with Ajax Amsterdam, League seasoning and Besiktas became a surprisingly fatal in this Champions League season in this Champions League season.

After two clear bankruptcies against the Dutch and a lesson in Lisbon, the BVB missed the K.O round of the royal class with only nine points – a financial disaster for the club, as the “Ruhr messages” prepare.

According to the start premium of € 15.64 million, there are therefore around nine million euros for the three victories. There are also 26.2 million euros from a saucepan, which is distributed to the best Champions League participants of the last ten years and twelve million euros from the TV pool.

Thus, the BVB conceded 62 million euros in the season 2021/22 and thus 19 million euros less than in the previous year, when only in the quarter-finals of the royal class was against Manchester City terminus.

The Penalty That Decided The Title Race Between Bayern & Dortmund - Bundesliga Rewind

FC Bayern concedes record-sensitive

All the more bitter that the FC Bayern has been so cool this year.

Depending on how far the Munich in the Champions League still come, they could even crack their previous record season 2019/20 with revenue of 130 million euros.

The quarter-final hurdle is in any case feasible for the German record champion. There, the FC Villarreal is waiting for the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Historical successes soon BVB for the BVB?

In this season, the BVB is still lucky enough for the early retirement that the premiums have risen as a whole and highly evaluated past success.

Above all, the latter is supposed to gain in importance in the royal class. According to “The Athletic”, the UEFA is planning the awarding of two starting places due to the historically reached as part of the increase in the ChampionsLeague attendance field from 36 to 36 Stars to the season 2024/25.

Thus, two spots go to the best teams of the past five seasons who could not qualify for competition through their league.

Another place goes to the top 5 people in Europe, an additional starter is determined in the qualification. Alternatively, it is mooded that each room goes to the two best leagues of the five-year rating.