Roman Bürki plays at Borussia Dortmund athletic no longer role. In summer, the goalkeeper will leave the BVB after seven years in the direction of the Cute MLS club St. Louis City. Overall, the Swiss looks positively at his time with the black-yellow back, even though the degradation to the substitute is still afterwards.

In Borussia Dortmund, novel Bürki once embarked on novel Weidenfeller and was the undisputed number one of the BVB for several years. But in the past season, the 31-year-old at the Westphalia moved to the second link, as Ex-Interim Trainer Edin Terzic predominantly sat on his deputy Marwin Hitz.

In the summer of 2021, the BVB then committed to Gregor Kobel from VFB Stuttgart, so that Büki in the internal goalkeeper hierarchy behind the new entrance and Hitz returned.

“I have learned a lot about the football and most recently also what the business is ticking,” Bürki revealed in an interview with the “Ruhr news” over his time at Borussia.

“You have to understand the contexts in games from the point where football is no longer a hobby, but also a business. And that can be tallhard and from one day to the other a change bath of the feelings.” The Swiss man led out.

“I perceived this situation as difficult”

As an example of the part of “bang hardships”, Büki gave insights into the events behind the scenes. “If you end up a contract in the football, you are of course told you that you are counting on you. And yet it can look very different one year later,” the goalkeeper explained.

He himself thought he’s “maybe back to gate”. “I tried everything. But it was clear that this chance would not come anymore, I had to worry about how it continues. I meant that with business,” says Bürki.

The arrival of Gregor Kobel was by no means easy for him. “I came back from the holiday and was no longer the number 1, but the number 38. Of course, I asked myself, what’s going on, what’s going on now? One should just see man behind it. I have this situation as difficult Felt, “Bürki revealed.

Thanks, Roman! | Roman Bürki leaves Borussia Dortmund

Bürki looks positive on BVB time

Nevertheless, the Routinian overalls positively look at his time at the BVB. “I’ve won the DFB Cup twice so great title. I could celebrate at the Borsigplatz with the fans. I played most of the time from sold-out house, here at our home,” said Bürki.

In summer, the keeper will be a new adventure car and then connect the newly founded MLS Club St. Louis City. “In St. Louis, something new from the ground up to build, I find a cool, exciting chance. That’s why I decided to do that,” Bürki called the reasons for his upcoming change.

When asked if he would be ahead of the MLS as the number two at FC Bayern, the BVB goalkeeper answered: “I always want to play. As a number two only fly through the area, me to the bank to put and never play that would break me. At Marwin Hitz that was for a while, because we were very respectful. But in the long run I did not do it for that. That’s why I’ve been prioritizing for me. “