Remedy and Rockstar have taken care of a fist thickness: the first two games of the Max Payne cult series are to receive elaborate remakes. The community is excited about this step – even if some fans make quietly worried about the GTA trilogy.

Developer Remedy has announced that Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne in cooperation with Publisher GTA-Rockstar will receive a full-fledged remake. For Most fans will come true with this announcement a dream , although some in the comeback nevertheless see some risk.

Max Payne on PS5 and Xbox: Remedy announces remakes

The surprising comeback of the shooter legend has announced Remedy in a press release. The remakes are to be summarized as Double Feature in a game and for the PS5, Xbox Series X | S and the PC appear . As a budget, Remedy can rely on a stately sum that was available for other Triple-A games such as Control. (Source: Remedy)

Although both games are currently available on the backward compatibility of the Xbox, Max Payne (Release 2001) and Max Payne 2 (Release 2003) already have a few years on the hump. A fresh cell cure could therefore query the tragic hero and approach him a new generation. To Max Payne 3, which was published by Rockstar 2012, there are currently no official remake plans.

Rockstar shooter comes back: Community is excited

The Max Payne Trilogy was able to establish itself with his film-noir atmosphere and the spectacular bullet time action in the shooter community and leave a lasting impression. Accordingly excited are the fans of the unexpected message , but some of them have quite some concerns in the remakes after the disaster release of Rockstars GTA trilogy. (Source: Reddit)

  • “As long as we can continue to do so, as if the movie never happens, I’m here immediately.” ( Reddit User Custardkraken )
  • “For real? These were some of my favorite games when I grew up. I’m not going to play so excited about new games… but Wow! “( Reddit User KrayzieboneetL85 )

* “I was looking forward to seeing you cooperate with Rockstar.” ( Reddit User KW_W900 )
* “AT LAST! Meanwhile, I even do not care about GTA 6. “( Reddit User Thematchalatte )
* “They have to be really good after the GTA-Trilogy was so bad.” ( Reddit User-Kullerkebab1499 )
* “If Remedy takes over, I have a lot of trusting that you do it right. They still make strong games. “( Reddit User AndwoforFlinching )

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