A feature lacking in the Pokémon games is the possibility to cross the monsters. A fan shows how nice some mergers could look like, Game Freak would actually dare the step.

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Fans celebrate Pokémon intersections

With every new generation Pokémon, Game Freak introduces new features: regional forms, gigadynamax-Pokémon and other gaming. But how about when a new Pokémon game would allow crosses of Pokémon, so new monsters come out?

The artist Qoutedotlass now shows on Reddit, as the results of such a feature could look like. For this he draws the possible intersections of Garados and Corasonn, Eneco and Akhnatoll as well as Guardevoir and Ninjatom.

Here you can admire the result:

The Reddit Post has now been born 27,000 times greipvoted. Fans think they would like to see the creations in the game, albeit only as regional forms, for example in the case of Garados. Some even want to create entire Pokédex entries for the earthly forms.

_Ihr Will want to create your own Pokémon mergers, but brings at most stick figures on paper? Then you could be interested in this page: _

Will the feature ever come?

Crossing Pokémon would be very easy to implement in the games. The feature monster breed is already available, as well as the huge pool on available Pokémon. Game Freak could only choose a handful of Pokémon a handful of Pokémon , which produce a mixed shape when pairing. Just as there are only a few new regional forms per new generation.

Whether Game Freak does the effort, however, is another question. It remains to be seen what you can come up for Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur , which should appear 2022.

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