[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL] The world’s strongest world is gathered in one place.

Riot Games (Korea Representative Ingredrii) announced on the 8th that the Masters, the Masters, who gathered in the Earthrand Reykjavik, the Masters, who gathered in Iceland Reykjavik, will be held on April 10 to 24 (standard time) did.

Korean time was opened at 0 o’clock on the 11th. Balo Rotts e Sports history For the first time, Korea’s Dial X (DRX) and Japan’s Jeta Division are tailored to the 3th two prefixes.

‘2022 Balo Latter Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Reykjavik’ is the name of the name of the Masters Reykjavik ‘, the 12 teams in the Challenger’s Challenger’s challenge competitions gathered at the top 10 to 24, Competition.

Masters Reykjavik is the first tournament of the 2022 Balority Champions Tour, and the first major VCT area is the stage that the main VCT area is the victory. In Korea, a DRX, which is a winner of the Balority Challenger Corporation in Korea, a given application rights.

Become the Nightmare | VCT22 Masters Reykjavík Cinematic | Apr 10-24

European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will play three teams such as G2 E Sports, Penta, and Team Liquid. A team that has won the EMEA region is a Fun Plus Phoenix, but the G2 E Sports, which accounted for a Jewel, who was unauthorized by international travel restrictions in Russia and Ukraine and Corona 19 Regulations.

Fernaplus Phoenix, who did not participate in a genius, was given 200 VCT points and was given $ 20,000 (about 3,300,000 won).

North America is two teams, more guard and optics gaming, Brazil, Laud and Ninjas, Pajamas, Latin America, Kru E Sports, Japan, Jeta Division, Asia Pacific (APAC),, Total 12 teams are spiral.

This conference begins with a GSL group stage to which Double Elimination Rules applies and will proceed in the order of Double Elimination in which eight teams participate. The top four teams, the EMEA 1 seed, G2 E Sports and the North American Winner, the G2 E Sports, the North American winner, the Brazilian winner, and the APAC winner, Paper Rex, and the APAC winner, and the 8th team, and the remaining eight teams, It is consequently divided into two groups considering the amount of regions in the region.

DRX, which belongs to Group A Group A, has achieved a pajamas, Zeta division and one Joe, and B in B, Optics Gaming, Zeccia, Crew E Sports and Team Liquid Competition.

Balority Champions Tour Masters: Reykjavik proceeds to be irrelevant for the health and safety of athletes, officials, and local residents.

The tournament can watch African TV, Naver, Twitch, and YouTube.