Sega posted an interview with the “5-year plan” concept at the company’s official recruitment site on March 9th. Among them, the actual situation of the large title group “Super Game”, which has been produced earlier, is also revealed in more detail. It seems that it has recently been collected in foreign media etc.

This Sega In-house interview talked about three people in Sega. Mr. History, Vice President of the Company, and the “Ryu Gaga” series, etc. Currently, Mr. Kikuchi, who is related to smart phone tight, and “Sakatsu Road to World”, such as “Sakatsu Road to World”, mainly mobile and mobile works Mr. Katsuya Koichi to work on. For employment applicants for Sega, the business plan “5-year plan” concept and its axis “SUPER GAME” is called “Super Game”.

The “5-year plan” seems to be a content strategy for the world’s users. Specifically, it is said that we will reinforce active IP (Intellectual Property / Intellectual Property) and revitalize numerous IP value. Segasamy’s Financial Results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012, also refer to specific IP. As active IP, “Sonic” and “Ryuji”, etc., “Crazy Taxi”, “The House of the Dead”, “Virtual Fighter”, etc. were exemplified as past IP.

In recent years, works such as “Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown” and “The House Of The Dead: Remake” will be part of IP value reconstruction. It is a policy to enforce both new development of active IP and remake remast for past work. Also, in the future, it is a policy to make a multi-platform and the world simultaneously with the world.

It is the development of “Super Game” that is in parallel with such movements. As a framework, it becomes an AAA class aimed at a global large hit with an on-line type. This is also a multi-platform, multilingual, and the world’s launch, and multiple titles have already been developed. “Super Game” was explained that “Community” can be “communicating” at the Investor Briefing Meeting of the June 2021, and Inc. In this interview, Mr. Udahai says “the framework of the traditional game It will be a title with an interactive. He also touches the relationship between viewers and game players as they are one culture of watching the game. Streaming or the like may also look ahead with high affinity titles.

The technical aspects of the “SUPER GAME” group are basically developing using Unreal Engine 5. In addition, in collaboration with start-up companies with AI technology, and debugging is trying to implement and error about the implementation of the player such as camera work, real condition and audio automatic synthesis in the game. In addition, there is an effort such as establishing an object automatic generation flow using 3DCG software Houdini. “Super Game” seems to be a group of works that also focused on graphics.

About the “Super Game” concept, there were many mystery that was previously conveyed. This time, information such as using Unreal Engine 5 is revealed, and it is a more detailed contour. As of 2021, “Super Game” work was expected to launch around 2024 to 2025. I would like to expect information in the future if Sega’s challenge goes out in any way.