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Hatching Tide comes back to _ Final Fantasy XIV _ and many players will be enthusiastic to get all rewards and participate in the celebrations that will take place during events. The game has a long history with brilliant events that the players can enjoy, and everyone flows again to this experience to perform them when the next comes. This guide article informs you about everything you need about the knowledge FFXIV Hatching Tide Event and how to get the hatching bunny minion discovered in the official blog post.

How to start the event quest hatching tide 2022 in FFXIV

The event itself should start on Wednesday, April 13th. This is of course very close to the publication of patch 6.1, which also the players were very happy. The start time for the event is 8:00 clock GMT, which corresponds 3:00 clock CDT, and the event takes until the 27th of April at 14:59 o’clock GMT / 9: 59 o’clock CDT.

When the event starts, the quest is available to players to get them from the figure Jihli AliaPoh in Old Gridania to the coordinates X: 10.2 and Y: 9.4.

The quest title is “Hippiness, Hoppity, Happily” and to play the quest, you only have to be over Level 15 and can then start playing the event quest.

How to get the hedching bunny minion

There are, of course, countless rewards for completing the event and playing through. The rewards are as follows:

FFXIV: Hatching Tide 2022 Rewards

  • Emote “Eating egg”.
  • egg pattern basket
  • Bruture Mobile
  • Sleeping Bunny Minion

Of course, the minion will be of great interest due to its stylistic aesthetics for many players to try and acquire them! To get the Hedching Bunny Minion, you just have to work through everything that offers the event, and you have the adorable minion in no time. Why do not you bring your new servant when you play as a bard? Present your cheers for the event all around you.

_ FINAL FANTASY XIV _ is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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