It covers “the end of a twitch era”, as Amouranth himself says. The fart glass dealer and inventor of the pool meta on Twitch wants to stop in June with onlyfans to focus on content that is different than everything she has done so far, and the fall into the area of “legacy media. As the streamer himself says, the revenues about onlyfans have long exceeded their revenue from Twitch. What exactly with “Legacy Media” is meant, you can only suspect. Maybe Amouranth will soon be watched on television or work on TV shows.

E-girl pension from June 2022 with great final

The Twitch Star announced that she will retreat from the platform and turn to a “other” type of content, and she already invests money to enable this. “First of all, I have just invested $ 350,000 to $ 400,000 in Twitch content. I will announce more at the end of the week.”

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“The result is binary. Either it works, or it does not work. We are fully talked about. I often talked about a career change. But I have chosen my place, invested, capital piled and it used to make useful.” I invest a lot [money] in content, unlike everything I have made so far. We relocate the ‘Influencer’ and the ‘Creator Economy’ in areas traditionally the domain and competence of the classic media, “says Amouranth.

But not yet the change to animal trunk?

Almost a year ago, the Twitch Streamer announced that her HATER prevents her from the e-girl to animal saver. Your real plan was it as soon as you have collected enough coal to operate a huge shelter . From this, it seems to be nothing. But who knows.

TIGHT E-GIRL SHEIN HAUL | Amouranth E-Girl Try On Haul

As far as the type of content is concerned, your fans have to wait, what happens. Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, however, promised that it will be something big. “This is just the beginning (or the beginning of the end of my disappearance from the internet).” The next Announcement of Amouranth will be made between 15 and 17 June 2022 . Who knows what she has planned, but considering that have walked very well , this swivel will probably be that way. What do you think will make Amouranth in the area “Legacy Media”? Write us in the comments.

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