The very first tweet of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is traded as NFT and was bought by “Crypto Entrepreneur” Sina Estavi for $ 2.9 million. Recently, Estavi has started an auction at which he wanted to sell the NFT of the Twitter founder profitably. The targeted amount of the Krypto expert were around 50 million dollars . Half of them would donate to nonprofit organizations.

This very ambitious plan did not go for Sina Estavi but not. Instead of the hoped for $ 50 million was the highest bid for the picture of the first tweet in Sage and write 277 dollars . Of course, ESTAVI did not want to sell for this award by nearly $ 3 million dollars in the face of the investment.

New bids do not bring the desired amount

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In the meantime, another offer was more than $ 3,600, but this is still far from 2.9 million dollars, let alone the $ 50 million, which has promised the self-proclaimed crypto expert from the auction.

“_The deadline I have set has expired, but if I get a good deal, I could accept it, maybe I would never sell it,” said Estavi opposite the Coindesk website.

Estavi known for crypto escapades

The time of sale is certainly interesting. Estavi was released from the prison in Iran , where he had spent nine months after being arrested under the accusation of the “disruption of the economic system” . During this time, his crypto fuses crashed, and his attempts to appease those whose virtual riches were burned by this collapse are considered skepticism.

The Auction of Estavi took place at a time in which NFT sales returned to Opensea, the largest marketplace in this area, in 2022 by around 50%, from almost $ 5 billion in January to 2.5 billion US Dollar in March. This decline has led to “Blue Chip” owners of NFT search for “alternative uses” for their tokens, which is a fascinating development insofar as it implies that there was a use at all. The case of Krypto expert Sina Estavi shows how cautious one should approach the topic NFTs and how much mischief is operated with the non-fungible tokens to make quick money.

Source | Coindesk, Kotaku

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