We do not stop the strength so easily: After a noticeable success of its physical sales in the United Kingdom, the Lego Star Wars game: the Saga Skywalker continues to impress with its digital sales.


almost as strong as Elden Ring

We were talking about you earlier this week: Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker A, in the UK, card stock. Proof of its success? He exceeded sales of Elden Ring, at least on his physical sales, during the week 14 (04 to 10 April) and attributed the second best launch of 2022 behind legends Pokémon Arceus. Notable success for a LEGO game but does not stop there. Indeed, Gamesindustry relayed a new GSD report. Always Study Game Sales in the United Kingdom, it focused on digital sales of the title. And again, the force is stubborn.

Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker, developed by TT Games and edited by Warner Bros, realized 61% of its sales via digital shops. To support the colossal number of sales made by the game, Gamesindustry indicates that “LeGo Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker has almost done equal with Elden Ring during his launch Attention, this is the kingdom here. -UNI: The latest Software had elapsed 360,000 copies (physical and digital) in three days in our neighbors.

XBOX wins the bet

Christopher Dring, editor-in-chief of Gamesindustry, brings some details to the figures presented above. On Twitter, it desolate the results of LEGO STAR Wars: The Saga Skywalker by specifying the results made by the TT Games title on each platform in digital version before indicating the general results:

41% of digital sales were performed on Xbox, 34% on PlayStation, 18% on PC and finally 7% on Nintendo Switch (…) counting both, it’s PlayStation that generated the most sales ( 39%). It is followed by Xbox (34%), the Nintendo Switch (16%) and finally by the PC (11%).

It is worth remembering that Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker offers players to relive the adventures of the three trilogies of Star Wars, through a cast of more than 300 playable characters. A game considered good innos columns (15/20), and whose sales have propelled the most popular Star Wars game.

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Bordel a vulgar Lego trampling Horizon 2 ????

Lego Star Wars is actually better than Elden Ring not gonna lie

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