February 6, 2022, Proguming Team “League of Legend” “League of Legend” Category Ceros is from “LJL2022 Spring” as a player I announced that I quit registration. In the video published together, Ceros revealed to work as the “coaching staff” of the team, while looking back on the events at DFM for 9 years.

GAME * SPARK interviewed Ceros, who has taken a new one-step involved in the DFM-to-SPORTS community, and E-SPORTS community. Following the first part , the professional gumming team “DETONATION FOCUSME” Affiliation Deliver an interview to “League of Legend” department and CEROS coach . This time, I talked about “Ceros as Ichi Gamer” and “History to DFM Full-scale Start”.

Steel as a gamer. Prologue of “DFM Ceros” starting from junior high school days

ー Please tell us about the memories of the game you played for the first time.

Ceros : Since there was a super nation at home, I did a game from about 4 and 5 years old. From there, I was playing Nintendo 64 and PlayStation as a generation, but I met a PC online game such as “Maple Story” and “Sudden Attack” about 14 years old. From there, I was playing in the online game for a long time with home gaming machines.

ー We have participated in the tournaments such as “Ironbarks” and “Special Force 2 (hereinafter, SF2)”, but how was the confidence at that time?

CEROS : I will not change much with now. From that time I went to the ** tournament and practiced to practice to win the tournament. At the beginning of “SF2”, I was practicing with a member who decided to “go to the tournament!”, So I was playing a game with a tension that doesn’t change when I was out in LJL.

ー ー ー We had stoic play to win from the time.

CEROS : Rather, it feels like that mind has changed to “LOL” as it is.

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Ceros : 10 years ago, started to be invited from acquaintance of the time “I do not want to do with new games.”

-Did you have a resistance to Moba (Multi-online Battle Arena, “LOL”, such as MOBA?

Ceros : There was no resistance. At that time, I was playing “SF2” for practice and played “LOL” as a breath, and it was more fresh in freshness than in puzzing. Now the genre of Moba has been established, but at that time, it was more than 10 years ago, and the player was more than the difference in the difference in game sex.

ー ー When did you say it for the first time?

Ceros : Just 10 years ago… Season 1 is Silver Silver Since Season 2 is Platinum, I’m doing from Season 1 (Platinum is at the time of the highest rank “Diamond” at the time.

– What do you think that you wanted to aim for the “LOL” professional instead of other FPS titles?

Ceros : First of all, I was not aiming for a professional, and the I was thinking about whether it would be a professional from the moment when the team was a professional .

The reason I thought to do “LOL” in earnest was because there were many population compared to other games. It is always a problem with the online game, but the game does not swell if the play population is not a certain extent ** isn’t it? Every online game that came out by the time also followed the path where there were a lot of people at the start of service.

Compared to that, there was a sense that the population continued to increase, and it was a sense that it was not in Japan’s game at that time that games can be games with overseas players.
(※ Many “LOL” players played by many “LOL” Japanese reserves until March 2016 (Japan server starts up))

As many people are playing, it was a great value to raise the rank. At that time, I wanted to be a top rank in a game with lots of people than no people, and I thought that I wanted to be a top rank **, and I continued to play “LOL” in earnest.

Please tell me how the team became professional.

Ceros : In order of time series, I played only Solo rank at the time, and when I thought that I wanted to do team games after it is soon, the team “ focusme ” Was recruited members. After joining the team, he participated in the “LOL” tournament called “ JCG ” that was the largest at that time. Just then, I was working with “CSO” Mr. Umezaki is one divided into player activities, and I would like to make a multi-gaming team called “ DETONATION “, and as a “LOL” department, we ‘FOCUSME’ I made a voice.

Then LJL was launched and DETONATION FOCUSME will be professionalized. It was questioned whether or not the members of the time will be professional and answered “YES”, so it is a flow of ** DETONATION FOCUSME was born. It’s soft but (laughs). Since the profession of the professional gamer was not very major, we did not enter the choice, but suddenly the choice has fallen. Think there is a flow that decides as a “professionalgemer!”

Pour-Plot Gamer was decided to be a psychic, and how was the surrounding response?

CEROS : I am a type of human who does not think about what I was optimistic. I didn’t want to do anything else, so I decided to become a professional gamer “Well,”. The reaction around me was going to Tokyo at the offline tournament with “Iron Onigo” and “SF2”, and it was accepted by the lower provision.

It means that there was a track record.

Ceros : It seems that it was a form that was not suddenly not suddenly seen from the parent. However, after all, after all “ Aren’t you deceived? ” also appeared. The Umezaki owner has recently made the story of the story, but from my parents to Umezaki owner, “Is it a good team?” A confirmation phone (laughs). But finally I got OK. I think I am accepted.

ー 梅 梅 How was the impression when you talked for the first time?

Ceros : I thought it was a person who seems enthusiasm. Everyone who met Mr. Umezaki has a similar impression, but it was the first impression that it was a high amount of heat. And because Mr. Umezaki was playing the game, that point was high reliability. After all, the owner of the gaming team who was professional and other owners, I think those who have a player experience are reliable. In that sense, Mr. Umezaki was trusted from the beginning.

ー ー What was the first encounter and impression of the player?

Ceros : The first impression is the image that it is **. Recently I got used to it and I’m getting lost, but it was such an impression. But it is better to fit. After I entered DFM, I’m playing with another game together, and it has been continuing.

-Is the first meeting when encountering DFM is the first meeting?

Ceros : When I was playing Solo Rank on the North American server, I was hit several times, but I talked properly after joining DFM.

If you were playing together as a player, are there any changes that have changed as a coach as a coach?

Ceros : It may not be so much. Even when I was playing a player, it is basically not very serious talking, and it is just a good story (laughs). Among them, it seems to be a serious mode in scenes that should not talk about the so-called work…… From the former, it was switched and it does not change now. Basically, I’m talking about something appropriate, I’m switching to a serious mode when talking seriously .

ー ー ー ー Played with the same team for a long time, but has there been salmon and passing?

Ceros : There is no not, but there is no special big thing. There was no big clash.

# Professional and amateur differences, and the way of “Ceros” from now on is…

ー Ceros Do you think that the difference between professionals and amateurs who felt in the e-sports industry for a long time?

Ceros : Yes… Personally, the strength of the game is not very related to professional and amateur. In such a story, I think that “whether you can be responsible” is the best difference. Of course, for the results of the tournament, The behavior of the SNS is also true. I think it is the most prominent difference between professional and amateur.

Some time has passed since the announcement of retirement, but how is the change of the confidence and the surrounding response?

Ceros : I’m calm and calm because I’m similar from last year. Even as a surrounding reaction…… How is it? I think it is more than being seen as a face as a player yet. It looks like a Ceros player than a coach… (laughs).

What did you feel about the two names called “Emperor”? **

Ceros : I did not care very much. The name of the “emperor” is like a meme that started from the net (laughs). I didn’t feel the pressure, ** I just played the game and I didn’t play with a lot of burden. I was doing it easily.

-Do you have any things that you want to do in 10 years ahead and goals?

Ceros : Currently, I can not think so much. However, it is not a realistic story, but if I find the goal again, Aim for the top of a different game . Vaccasionally, there is no plan, but I think so.

ー It is great to come here and it’s the goal… it’s amazing to see again.

Ceros : Conversely there is. I feel that I can only do that (laughs).

ー Lastly, please give me a word for the fans.

Ceros : The coach has changed since this year, the position has changed, but basically, “Because DETONATION FOCUSME will win” does not change that my activities are for my activity purpose.
I am very happy if I changed from the player to the coach again, and I also support the team again.
Thank you for your support.
ー ー ー Thank you for today.