“Valorant” World Tour Stage 1-Masters Reykjavík (VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters). The Japanese national team “Zeta Division”, which is participating in the main tournament, has achieved the place to win the Korean representative “DRX” in 3-1 in the second battle of the Playoffs Lower Bracket, and achieved the establishment of the best 4 advancing.

PLAYOFFS Qualifying Group Stage Day1, “Zeta Division”, who has lined in 0-2 for the team. In the prestigious e-sports team “Team Liquid” battle, we will focus on the last time, with the last time, and show the strength to hit a 9 round difference with the 3rd game, and play a revenge. rice field.

In the interview after the game, “I didn’t think I could really win” while smiling relief. The semifinals were “G2 ESPORTS” or “Paper Rex” who lose defeats in the PLAYOFFS first match on April 23, and the team who won the winning team will be the opponent. This one win is not a miracle, not a “trajectory” to Champions, and E-sports fans in Japan are expected.