To promote the aureola television series in Paramount +, a massive hologram of Master Chief has appeared in several different countries, including Canada, Mexico, Australia and Brazil. The “halogram” was created in association with Minute Media, Wavemaker and Kaleida. With a height of 60 feet, the 3D hologram could be found in Toronto, Mexico City, the port of Sydney and Sao Paulo on April 17. Unfortunately, it was only an appearance of a day of John-117, so the fans who lost the opportunity will have to settle for seeing Master Chief in the Xbox games or the appearances of him in the transmission series.

In a press release, Marco Nobili, senior marketing vice president, data and transmission analysis of Paramount, talked about the initial success of the aureola series, and the ways in which the company seeks to promote it.

“Halo has generated a tremendous response between fans around the world like Paramount + the premiere of the most viewed series of all time worldwide. We are proud to continue with the boost of the series by giving life to halo for fanatics in Australia, Latin America and Canada, in an epic and innovative way that only Paramount + could achieve. This is a celebration for fans and for this iconic franchise that continues to entertain people from all over the world, “said Nobili.

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+
So far, four episodes of aureola have been launched in Paramount +, with a fifth set to debut at the end of this week. The first season of the program will consist of nine episodes in total, and a second season has already been confirmed. It will be interesting to see how the front desk is the first season once the end has been issued, and if the program can maintain this type of impulse. Clearly Aureola has had a very strong start for the transmission platform, and it will be interesting to see how the occasional fanatics and veteran Xbox players are felt about the series as it continues. Hopefully the show can keep the landing!

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