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** \ – Com2us Story Competition ‘Com2us Global Content Literature 2021’, Chapter 7,

** \ – The purpose of achieving the pride and achievement of the award writers,

\ – Illustrator ‘Kimsta’ is involved in work cover and illustrations, etc.

Com2us published award-winning work of ‘Com2us Global Content Literature 2021’.

Com2us has been held in 2018 for the purpose of excellent creative talent to lead to future games and content markets.

Last year, the competition has been focused on the excavation of the scalable story with various content, including webtoons, web novels, and feature novels, including games, and a total of 400 works in the two sectors of the “Free theme” and ‘designated topic’. Kenaz, Kenaz, who is leading the Saizan content market of Com2us, and Gosnoti Eenti participated in the examination, and selected the final seven convenience, based on the possibility of creating the secondary creative, and the evaluation criteria of the applicability and the evaluation criteria.

Through this achievement work, it is possible to inspire the achievement of the achievements and pride of the achievements of the awards, and to the readers, respectively.

The work of this work was collaborated with the illustrator ‘Kimsta’, which gains the MZ generation to the MZ generation as a romantic emotional picture. The label is designed to apply “your flower” illustrations, which are the target works in the frame that symbolize the “Open Door” of the competition BI, and can see illustrations that are expressed in the body of each of the works by each of the works by each of the works.

Meanwhile, Com2u has been achieved a variety of benefits to enhance the winner of the Competition of the Competition to 7 to 7 in the previous year, and to strengthen the creative competence of winners, with the maximum prize money of a total of 400 million won, and led to the interest and participation of a number of preliminary creators..

In addition, the awards ceremony has a meaningful time in the “Com2 Bus” on the metaverse platform of Cultivate’s imagination and dreams of creators, I prayed.

More information on ‘Com2us Global Content Literature 2021’ and last winners can be found in the Competition Official Web site .