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What do players do if they have already invested in a particular game for many hours and then reading before boredom? They are looking for new challenges. What was known in World of Warcraft in the form of the Iron Man challenge or in the shape of the floral picker Double Agent now makes a similar shape in Pokémon Go School: the levels of one’s own character under difficult conditions.

Eggs hide and turn pokéstops

A coach has set itself in Niantics Mobile Game of a SOLCCHEN challenge and solved his character without catching a single Pokémon in the wild:

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Within six months (since October 2021) Reddit users achieved NotAkawaiicatgirl in this way the stage 30 after he had trapped exclusively his starter Pokémon. His self-made rules for the Challenge louds:

  • Catching Pokémon is not allowed.
  • He may hunt eggs.
  • He may only add friends to his friends list, which he knows in real life.
  • He must not swap Pokémon.

The player writes, he has so far only received two best friends in the game and experience points, especially by turning Pokéstop photo tracks, the hatching of eggs, accepting and sending gifts as well as developing Pokémon.

Unfortunately, Notabakawaiicatgirl accidentally completed weekly research that requires him to catch a Pokémon. Because he can not finish this research without violating the rules of his challenge, he remains excluded from other weekly research tasks. Nevertheless, he wants to continue and levels his character up to level 40, which represents the hard cap for his level method. Anyway, we find: this performance can be seen, or what do you mean? Write us in the comments!

Source: Dexerto

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