The PlayStation 5 is still very difficult to get, and that will remain for the time being. However, the opportunities seem to rise to one of Sony’s new consoles currently. After all, smaller drops have repeatedly reported in recent days, as reported for example games. But the very big wave is still on, because in the coming week, PS5 consoles should be released in the five-digit area.

Marks the calendar

That’s why it works: Anyone who could order one of Sony’s coveted consoles in the last few days was given a high probability at the end of the coming week as a delivery date – that was confirmed by many sides. Therefore, everything indicates that there will be new contingents for several merchants at a given date – and in part with 10,000 devices upwards.

  • When should the new consoles supposed to come? On the 28th. April 2022 **

Fits in advance: But that does not mean that all traders do not start selling until the coming Thursday or later. If new quotas were assured, the Drops could take place at the beginning of the week. Amazon, for example, one of the biggest partners of Sony, its PS5 devices usually releases on Wednesdays – that would be the 27th of April.


More details about the respective favorite days and fairs of the dealers is here:

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At these times, the dealers sell the PS5


Just look at a dealer of your choice

In addition to the online shops, the PS5 was most recently spaced more often in shops. But here for good luck, but only makes little sense, as the consoles should be sold out quickly. Instead, you should let yourself be put on a list so that the dealer contacts you as soon as your console was delivered. Currently, Gamestop is considered a hot tip, you can try your luck, but also about Media Markt or Saturn.

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Do not make you too big hopes: Even if there are actually tens of thousands of new PS5 devices in Germany, demand could not even be approximated. Especially with online shops Scalper still fishing large parts of the quotas, to resell them completely overpriced afterwards. Sony has already corrected her sales forecast for 2022, with improvement is therefore expected at the earliest 2023.