Gazzetta dello Sport: “Black weekend for Ferrari. Leclerc, the World Cup wins by avoiding certain mistakes! The Monegasse hunts second place, takes too much and fails in front of the fans’ eyes. Hamilton must Heavy humiliation accepting, he is no longer recognizable. “

Corriere dello Sport: “Heavy disappointment for Ferrari. The weekend in Imola could not have been worse. Error, bad luck and negative circumstances ago 100,000 disappointed fans. Imola once more testifies that at this World Cup also the smallest details count. “

TuttoSport: “Bitter weekend for Ferrari. Too much does not work: the start, the second pilot, the pit stops. Blam’s team boss binotto, who had hoped for better performance in front of the Tifosi. Now it is said to restart to work.”

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Corriere della sera: “Imola becomes a terrible week for Leclerc. A terrible week started with the robbery of his luxury watch in Viareggio goes to an end with a bankruptcy. Leclerc takes too much before and fails. Stages Ferraris home route crowned to Emperor Imolas. “

Repubblica: “Sunday Bloody Sunday. The Ferrari team is injured out of the home race in Imola, where Red Bull dominates with a double victory. Leclerc, who is responsible for a heavy mistake breaks together.”

Netherlands “Leclercs mistakes bring stages in the title fight. The Dutch was in Imola a class for themselves, a weekend full of victories. It was a gigantic blow against his biggest competitor.”

DE TELEGRAAF: “Stages and Red Bull Miss Ferrari a right hook. The Dutch drives a perfect race, and the dramatic afternoon of Scuderia ensures an extra boost.”


Guardian: “If willing force would satisfy, then the Tifosi Charles Leclerc in Imola had been worn for victory. But they were powerless against the unstoppable strength of Max and Red Bull. Instead, the roar of the fans fell silent as Leclerc a huge Errors committed his leadership in the World Cup classification and revived the title fight. “

Telegraph: “For example, Ferrari had not introduced the home game. Imola brought some warning signals. The late rider was a worrying indication that Charles Leclerc may still be patient, or that he is prone to pressure.”

Daily Mail: “For aging athlete there is a risk that the time is progressing and her forces suddenly disappear. That does not yet apply to Lewis Hamilton, even after the scary idea of a career in which he has grabbed the stars, after a helpless 13th place. His resilience, his fighting spirit and the need to punish his critics lying, could still bear him to new heights. Nevertheless, it is now difficult to believe that the Brit is ever the eighth World Cup title can retract. “


L’Equipe: “The Grand Prix in Imola comes Ferrari expensive to stand. Charles Leclerc commits his first mistake of the season, Carlos Sainz does not even create a round. The party of Scuderia is ruined, the mood is no longer festive “


Marca: “Walk for stages and Perez, Gutendrama for Leclerc. A debacle on a black day for Ferrari. The Tifosi silent. Lewis Hamilton showed himself unmotivated and as he has never seen him. The image and prestige Hamilton’s have suffered great scratches. The overrun through stages will bring nightmares. “

AS: “Lowering the Ferraris. Worse, it’s not going. Stapen is in the World Cup mode. Leclerc’s luck led to the turner.”

Sports: “Demonstration by stages, Leclerc and Ferrari go sang and taillessly under the theoretical superiority of the F1-75 was hardly something to see this time. Heavy, unforable driving error of Leclerc. Lewis Hamilton seems to be resigned have the overruning through stages is one of the blackest moments of his career. “

El Mundo Deportivo: “Max bites vigorously, Red Bull reacts in the world champion style. With Ferrari everything went wrong, and Lewis Hamilton goes in the sinking.”