AFK One Button Transmog Farming Guide | WoW Solo Farm 6,500 Gold Per Hour
When Raidbosse are defeated in WOW of individual players, then they are mostly heroes who farm in old raids, Pets or Transmog farms. But if bosses from the current RAID are inferior to a single player, then they are usually a Rextroy. Because the extremely innovative player shines not only regularly mit Kruden One-shot combinations in the PVP, but has already Such a few RAID bosses solo placed, while there are entire groups failed.

In the current case, he happed Dausegne in the mausoleum of the first and thus asked three problems:

  • Adds that spawn fast as he can kill her
  • A stackable tank debuff that is hard to heal
  • An Berserker timer who is narrower when he can ever do with his DPS

But he could solve all these problems gradually and so he could ultimately be successful in a 65-minute fight. But only because he played every single second perfect and made no mistake.

Rextroy defeated Dausegne – all alone

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The adds were therefore no big problem relatively quickly. With enough movement speed, he could easily run away this. However, just under, why he had to walk over a large bow throughout the fight and no second was allowed to be inattentive. Especially because the barrier fire threatened to push him from the platform again and again.

Due to the wide bow, the tank debuff no longer presented a problem. This was easy. So the Berserk remained. In this, Dausegne got mana so fast that they had all their important skills in very fast episodes. So the fight was not impossible, but very, very difficult – so without a healer.

After a whole row of wipes and many hours exercise, Rextroy could finally hold up for an hour without errors and defeat Dausegne. Of course, the question arises which boss he is next. What do you think – which boss could create the resident Rextroy in the near future also solo?

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