A few days ago there was a historical event, because the billionaire _ Elon Musk _ announced that he would be buying to the social network of _ Twitter _ , aiming to implement a better freedom of expression towards users. This leads to the entrepreneur is already generating some somewhat controversial ideas, because he could start charging for inserting tweets on websites.

What Elon Musk's $44 billion purchase of Twitter may mean for the company and free speech
According to what a medium known as _ Reuters _ , _ Musk _ , I would be charging by inserting or citing verified accounts tweets, an idea that you may not like large companies and even influencers will not be charged. But apparently this is not new, since the idea was already cooking from his plans to do with the company for about 44 billion dollars.

_ Elon Musk _ For a long time he has been thinking about how to make _ twitter _ a profitable company, and now that it belongs to him it is possible that we see changes as soon as he receives the baton. The millionaire has always seen how to get money from anywhere, and the investment he made with the Blue Social Network is not an expense made in vain.

Despite all questionable comments, one of the co -founders of the project says it was the best for the company, indicating to _ Musk _ as the solution in which he trusted. On the part of it, the tycoon wants to reduce the price of _ Twitter Blue _ , a subscription service that gets rid of advertising, as well as users not followed and that must be in the TL.

Editor’s note : Elon Musk is now more present than ever in the media thanks to this purchase, some think that everything will go to ruin and others feel great enthusiasm to know the changes. For now, we just have to wait to see what is the opinion of the now new owner of the company.

Way: Reuters