Medieval Dynasty: This is how orchards work

Obst gardens consist of trees that give their village fruits such as apples or pears.

Medieval Dynasty How To: Plant fields and orchards
* First you have to create a field for the orchard.
You can find the option in the “Agriculture” tree.

  • Then you need seedlings for sowing on the prepared field.
    You only get seeds for orchard trees from the dealer (Adalina in Gostovia).
  • The sowing is possible in every season.
    An exception is hops because this tree can only be planted in spring.
  • All trees need one year to grown up.
  • Then the fruits are always ready for harvest in summer (hops in autumn).
    Since the trees stop after harvesting, they do not have to plant new seedlings every year.
    Once set up, the orchard requires less work than other fields.