The new league Sentinel for Path of Exile was unveiled – and hardly surprises with content . Once again we get mechanics that enable us to weigh up risk against rewards. Insofar as no reason to panic, everything is the same. But in the live stream and on the official side of the Sentinel update, the developers at GGG promise an experiment: no adjustments to the balancing. Wait, please? Suddenly there is nothing like the old with Sentinel. Or, well, too much for the old one!

Build-Bau is part of Path of Exile

While the developers are still happily emphasizing that patches from the Archnemesis league from Patch 3.17.0 will also work in 3.18.0, the alarm bells at poe veterans. Because the constantly changing meta, the new build ideas and dealing with nerfs & buffs are for many of them what Poe keeps fresh. New endgame challenges and special league mechanics are nice, but only part of the fun. Just look at one of the top posts in the much-visited, official subdit of Path of Exile, which shows a crying swindler, i.e. one of the specializations of the shadow-you just need buffs and balance adjustments like hardly any other class:

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The feedback is also clear in the comments: ****

  • _ “So is it 3.17 part 2?” _
  • _ “I will of course play like everyone else, but the lack of balance changes kills a bit of enthusiasm.” _

GGG Finally did it
* “I don’t think the balancing was good enough to make no changes in this league.” _
“Meta changes are the be-all and end-all of the game for me, it changes my builds in every league, but this league will simply be the same league starters from previous ones.” _
* “Missing new skills are the worst for me. They are what I am most looking forward to. The list of those that I have not yet used is very short” , add another user – next to There is also no new skills
* _ “No changed balance and no new skills? What did you think? If you leave everything apart from the league mechanics unchanged, this is a recipe for a very low playing time.” _

What will the Sentinel playing numbers look like?

I fear that the number of players in Sentinel will noticeably suffer from this experiment. Sure, there are people who just didn’t look into the previous league, accordingly the builds from Archnemesis are still fresh for them. But the loyal core of Path of Exile (buy now), who really deals deeply with the matter, will be bored. Build-hobbyists and streamers, so to speak, have been fed up with the playing methods of Patch 3.17.0-the Sentinel mechanics and new over-bosses do not change so much on everyday game. or how do you see that? Am I too black painters here and the league content itself is actually reason enough to take a look at Poe with Patch 3.18.0? Tell me your page in the comments!

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