Sega’s home game console “ Dream Cast ” was released in 1998 and is engraved in gamers’ memories in many ways. Among them, the memory card “Visual Memory”, which can download and play mini -games, was characteristic, but the newly developed visual memory “ VM2 ” developed with various new functions will appear soon. is.

“VM2”, a new project of CHRIS DIAOGLOU, which has been working on backlighting and charging battery with Dream Cast Bluetooth controllers and visual memory, aims to recreate the original visual memory from scratch. The following upgraded functions are installed.

New monochrome LCD: With backlight, users can switch to save battery.

Improvement of screen resolution: Original (48×32) or double (96×64) can be selected.

Yes & Sorry, We Have To Stay In The Dark To Tell The Truth……

Micro SD storage: By using SD card, virtual visual memory can be stored almost infinitely. It is possible to save all on the SD card route or divide the folder for each game. The files currently in use can be selected from the VM2 menu, and if the mini -game is included, you can play in the same way as the original.

3 times capacity internal storage: If the SD card is not used, the internal storage works at 128KBx3, and both storage can be used when using an SD card.

Large -capacity LIPO Battery Built -in: Driving for longer hours instead of two conventional coin batteries.

External charging: VM2 Micro USB connector or controller during play can be charged.

PC connection: VM2 can connect from Micro USB to PC.

Memory Management: Connect to PC and backup/restore internal storage with custom GUI. If you use a micro SD card, you can easily manage it from the OS Explorer, and you can copy/move/organize content and files. All files are compatible (.bin,.vmu) compatible with existing software and emulator (VMU Explorer, Redream, etc.).

These functions are part of the new functions and upgrades, and there is a possibility that further functions will be added in the second stage of development. The price and release time are undecided, but they say, “Probably a campaign for financing will be held.”