At the end of the season in Europe’s top leagues, a message from Italy recently caused plenty of vertebrae: runner-up Borussia Dortmund is said to have offered a contract for the Argentinian striker Paolo Dybala. After the wild speculations, the question remains where the 28-year-old actually is going.

According to the “Corriere Dello Europe”, BVB is said to have an eye on Paolo Dybala. The attacker is currently exploiting his possibilities, after all, he can change without a transfer to the new season. Because: Dybala had not extended his expiring contract with Juventus Turin.

His advisor has therefore finally dealt with which club specific interest. At first, according to “Corriere”, only the BVB, which is said to pay 4.5 million euros in annual salary, only reported back. It can be questioned whether the dybala is sufficient.

As “Sky” now reports, a change from Paolo Dybala to the district club in summer is certainly not going on. FC Bayern also flabbles out as a possible option, the record champions show no interest in the striker.

BVB gibt wohl Angebot für Paulo Dybala ab | GOAL News

moves dybala into the Premier League?

According to the TV station, Premier League club Newcastle United is said to have greater opportunities. The new-rich club wants to make the 32-fold national player one of the great earners in the English elite league. With a princely salary, the Europey descent could be compensated for from the point of view of Dybala.

In the race, it is apparently Italy’s master Inter Milan. Dybala’s change to the Nerazzurri had recently been reported as fixed. However, his consultant then contested this. Juve and Inter will meet next Wednesday (9:00 p.m.) in the final of the Italian trophy in Rome.

Paolo Dybala has been under contract with Juventus Turin since 2015. For Juve, he scored a total of 115 goals in 290 competitive games.