Sebastian Kehl will soon enter the footsteps of Kehls director Michael Zorc at Borussia Dortmund. The ex-captain had already been responsible for the latest transfers by Niklas Süle (FC Bayern) and Nico Schlotterbeck (SC Freiburg). But a recent statement about the future of BVB head coach Marco Rose now falls in front of his feet.

Sebastian Kehl did not do a favor with the fact that he publicly denied the Dortmund coach Marco Rose. He said today, “assumed” that Rose will remain in office, according to Kehl to “Sky” last weekend. A statement that left plenty of space for room for interpretation.

“Backing looks different,” said Lothar Matthäus in his “Sky” column, “and he knows and knew Kehl when he answered. He is clever, smart and knows the business very well. It is not for nothing that the bosses have him entrusted to this post “. It is in football “on every word” that should not be “new”.

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The Kehl working as a license leader until the end of the season admitted “Kehl1” that his statement was “totally unhappily formulated” and unequivocally added: “I can clearly say that I am planning the coming season with Marco.”

rose is compared with Terzic at BVB

Matthew still criticized: “Something like this should not happen. That was negligent and blue-eyed. It is known that BVB consultant Matthias Sammer is a big fan of Edin Terzic, sees rose critically and Boss Watzke gives a lot on Sammer’s judgment. It becomes clearer by the fact that Kehl did not simply give this sentence accidentally, but has a lot true. “

Through Kehl’s statements, Rose would now be under even more pressure in the coming season than already already, Matthäus also specified. Because: The comparison with Edin Terzic, who works as a technical manager at BVB after his interim job in the pre -season, is still in his mind.

Terzic “needed a few weeks to lead the team to good football, but then did it really well. In addition, he is that he is a BVB man through and through the fans”.