Free2Play games have experienced such a boom in recent years that even bigger games have copied their monetization methods. Playing PC games without spending any money and buying more minor game advantages or skins is very popular with users.
So much so that the full version, which is genuinely wholly free, is down a bit. And, although they don’t have to hide when it comes to entertainment.

How are the games on this list different? You can download all the games listed here for free, and in most cases, you can play without registration. They also have no microtransactions at all. You can neither buy game advantages nor in-game stores such as skins. The only good monetization is an optional donation to the developer.


Widelands is a game for those who miss the good old days of The Settlers 2. Because the model is prominent. You build a medieval city by placing buildings and connecting them with roads. You have to keep shipping routes short by establishing producers and recyclers relatively close together. The farm is best near the mill, and the baker should not be far away.
Widelands offers extensive multiplayer modes and campaigns for five different nations, all of which can be played differently.

How does the game make money?
Widelands accepts donations via PayPal, debit, and credit cards to fund server operations. However, there are no incentives, such as mentioned in credits.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a multiplayer shooter released in 2003, set in World War II. As official support ends, the game thanks to the community for their help in ET: Legacy.
The Axis and allies fight for numerous mission objectives that you must defend or attack. Alternatively, there are some game modes like Last Man Standing. The community also creates many maps. All official maps are based on real locations.

How does the game make money?
ET Legacy was developed entirely in the team’s spare time. There is no way to support the project financially.

Beyond All Reason originated from the Balanced Annihilation project but focused more on automation than the original. The sci-fi strategy game builds a massive army while defending your commander. Zero-K’s gameplay is based on Supreme Commander.
In addition to multiplayer matches, there’s an entire campaign where you can play cooperatively with other players, and you’ll permanently unlock new technologies and units along the way.

How does the game make money?
Zero-K is not for profit but funds its servers’ operation, development, and advertising entirely through donations. For every euro invested, supporters receive an honor, for which they can earn an in-game avatar or commander skin.
Strictly speaking, games have stores. There are ten skins and two icons to choose from. However, since a single skin is barely noticeable in an RTS game with hundreds of units, Zero-K still deserves a place.

Battle for Wesnoth
The Battle of Wesnoth takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. You can command over 200 units spread across six factions on a single hexagonal map.
In combat, you need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each unit and factors such as time of day and terrain, in addition to the multiplayer mode with 55 maps. It consists of 17 events that provide a total of 268 maps. Based on your decisions, you will see 245 missions in one run due to different story paths. So you can’t complain about the scope here.

How does the game make money?
In addition to donations, Battle for Wesnoth is funded through a paid version for iOS. There is no advantage to this, and the iOS version is identical in content to the other platforms. This is also necessary because the game supports cross-play.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
In the future of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, most of humanity has been wiped out, and zombies and numerous monsters are taking over the world. You explore procedurally generated maps and try to survive by defeating monsters and building shelters and vehicles with NPCs. No target.
Correspondingly, the game also has many survival mechanics like hunger, thirst, morale, disease, mutation, and temperature that you have to take care of. If you die, your character is over, but you can continue to play in the same world. There’s a reason this all reminds you of the Zomboid project. Its developers are known to be fans of Cataclysm.
If you are bothered by graphics, you can simply use a different set of tiles. You can switch easily in the game’s options menu. A selection is already included in the download.

How does the game make money?
The game’s official website lists several ways to support the project. No advantage. No reward system or anything like that

Cytopia is a SimCity & Cities: Skylines-style building game. Here, you build a city on a procedurally generated map. The project has been around since 2018, but work has been slow. Still, you can already make quite a respectable city here.
In addition to versions for Linux, macOS, and Windows, Android is also in development. However, the game is not yet optimized for smartphones, which can still cause issues with the controls.

How does the game make money?
You can donate to support the game directly on the official website or donate monthly through Patreon.

Dwarf Fortress Classic
Dwarf Fortress Classic doesn’t look like much, but looks can be deceiving. Because behind the ASCII graphics is a very complex settlement simulation. The entire history of the game world is generated over the years, and the game remembers various events in your fortress. The game itself follows the motto “Failure is fun!” Some of your settlements will perish before you master the game.

How does the game make money?
Donations and Patreon events have funded the development for a long time. However, the team is currently working on a paid Steam version that stands out from the free version mainly because of its graphics. Then you can enjoy 2D sprites instead of ASCII characters.

Endless Sky
Endless Sky transports you into a completely open 2D universe where you must find your way. You can act, but you can also throw yourself into massive battles. This is how you make money, which you can use to buy better and better spaceships and upgrades.
You can also follow a story that will keep you busy for 16 hours. After exploring hundreds of galaxy-sized universes, you can simply retrofit new ships, weapons, galaxies, and planets if you haven’t had enough.

How does the game make money?
Endless Sky is one of the projects you can support with your employees. No financial donation option exists.

A team of volunteers has been working on flight simulation FlightGear since 1996. It relies on aviation like Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it even supports the physics of orbital flight. The JSBSim flight engine makes this possible. This is not from amateurs. For example, in 2015, NASA checked that newly simulated codes met aerospace industry standards.

How does the game make money?
The official website has a store where you can buy the game’s physical version. Merchandise is also available in mugs, t-shirts, hats, and an easy donation function.

As the name suggests, FreeCiv is modeled after Sid Meier’s turn-based strategy game Civilization. More specifically, the first part and the second part. No wonder: the project started in 1996.
Here you can build your empire, research new technologies, and build an army. You can play FreeCiv against other human players, but you can also play against AI. You can use ready-made maps, but you can also create your maps using the editor.

How does the game make money?
The team accepts donations to cover website hosting costs. The revenue benefits not only Freeciv itself but also the Warzone 2100 project, which is also free

Not only the accessible version of Civilization but also Colony. In FreeCol, you build a European country and a colony of the New World, and you must either defeat all other players or start a revolution and gain independence.
However, in uncharted territory, you are not alone. Because you will encounter countless indigenous villages, you can trade with them or conquer them. In addition to the original features, there is an option to play the game using a community-extended set of rules.

How does the game make money?
FreeCol is a veteran in the Libre space and has been around since 2003, thanks to volunteer work. However, there has been no way to support the project since its inception financially.

A brand new project is dawning in 2022! FreeRCT is a free fan remake of the first Roller Coaster Tycoon. However, due to the early stages of development, there is still a lack of content, and the number of attractions is very manageable. But you can still build a small comfortable amusement park.

How does the game make money?
FreeRCT relies entirely on the enthusiasm of the developers. Anyone who wants to support the project can only do so through programming knowledge and helping themselves develop. Don’t find a donation option on the project’s official website.

GeneRally sends you up to five other racers on numerous routes, controlled by a human or PC. The game follows “Easy to learn, hard to master.” This is due to the physics through which you can quickly lose control of the vehicle.
Overall, the game offers three modes: Time Trial, Racing, and Championship. While it doesn’t look like it, the game offers complex mechanics such as tire wear, gas mileage, and even a simple damage model. Thanks to the route editor, you can also create your courses.

How does the game make money?
GeneRally is entirely free and has no donation option. However, the team is GeneRally developing 2, funded through Kickstarter. After that failure, however, the project fell silent. However, it’s coming back to life in 2021. The developers have been releasing new updates on the development status since March.

Gun Girl 2
In Gun Girl 2, you’ll take on the zombie apocalypse and try to figure out what’s behind it. To do so, you’ll explore a large 2D world in the style of Metroidvania. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover new weapons and power-ups that you can use to unlock previously inaccessible areas. You can solve main and side quests, but you can also unlock different game modes and even unlock a secret character.

How does the game make money?
The game is not monetized, and there is no way to donate. At the same time, the project has also been completed and will not be further developed. The latest version appeared in 2011.

You will experience the story of Helltaker, the man of the same name, who in his dreams has a harem full of beautiful demon girls. After waking up, he decided to go to hell to pursue his dream.
You’ll solve a series of puzzles that require you to move stones and skeletons on a 2D Sokoban-style board. Not only do you have train restrictions around your neck, but you also have to watch out for various traps and collect critical items simultaneously. Once you reach one of the demon ladies, you must answer a question correctly.

How does the game make money?
While the game is entirely free, you can support the developer by purchasing a book that includes the artwork, game notes, and pancake recipes.

KeeperRL mixes Dwarf Fortress with Dungeon Keeper. You control a villain, build a dungeon, and train monsters, then you attack the world with your evil army to take over the world. Another special feature is that other players’ bases can appear in your world. There are nine different factions in total, all of which play differently. You can only unlock some of them during gameplay.

How does the game make money?
KeeperRL has opted for a unique approach to funding. The whole game is FOSS. However, buying it will give you better graphics and sound. Alternatively, you can send the developer proof that you have donated at least $20 to a nonprofit dedicated to animal welfare rather than purchasing the game through regular channels. This includes animal shelters.

Like the commercially published Battletech, MegaMek is based on the Battletech ruleset but is closer to the original desktop template. This means that the focus is on giant “mechs” and other units such as infantry and aircraft. Even battles in space are possible.
MegaMek lets you fight online, but you can also fight entire campaigns with other players with the help of MekWars. At the same time, competition with robots is also possible. Thanks to a tool called MekHQ, there’s also an entire single-player campaign. If you only have a PC, you can play games with friends in hot-seat mode.

How does the game make money?
MegaMek is developed entirely voluntarily and is not funded in any way. There is also no way to support the project through donations.

The industry is very similar to Factorio but focuses more on tower defense elements. Thanks to full cross-play, it doesn’t matter which platform you play on. You have to build a massive factory with conveyor belts and automate as much of your base as possible. This can be done not only alone but also with friends.

How does the game make money?
The industry is funded through a paid Steam version that offers quality-of-life achievements, seamless multiplayer support, and workshop integration. On the other hand, the actual game itself is entirely free.

When you see Minetest, the first thing that comes to mind is Minecraft. However, this project is slightly different from the larger model because developers see it more as the game’s engine.
In Minetest’s main menu, you can download various games written in LUA. There are no NPCs, monsters, or other animals in default mode. Most users install mods to customize the game to their unique needs.

How does the game make money?
One of the more active developers accepts donations through his PayPal account and keeps forum users up to date on whether he is currently available for the project.

Anyone who played video games in 1987 is probably familiar with Nethack. This is a true classic of freeware games. It’s also a first in the Roguelike genre, taking directly from the 1980s Rogue. Here you fight through procedurally generated dungeons and slay monsters in a hack and slash style.
Your goal is to find Yendor’s amulet with your character in the deepest part of the dungeon and escape with the treasure. When it comes to role-playing, you’ll find better and better gear. But if you die in the process, you lose everything and have to start over.

How does the game make money?
Nethack is entirely free to develop, and there is no way to support the development team financially.

Leveraging OpenRA’s engine, OpenHV aims to revive an unreleased real-time strategy game called Hard Vacuum, developed in 1993, using freely available assets and information released by the original developer.
About the resource system. Many special functions are known today, but the implementation in OpenCV is somewhat different. Instead of taking care of the collectors yourself, you build conveyor belt buildings that regularly send money to your base.

How does the game make money?
At OpenHV, money is not an issue. There aren’t even any donation options.

OpenRA is a clone of the Command & Conquer engine. However, there are many improvements, such as higher resolutions and game tweaks. This project will play The Tiberium Conflict, Red Alert, and Dune 2000. Plans to support Tiberium Sun in the future. The game automatically downloads the required resources. If you don’t have the originals, the only thing you need to do is the cutscenes.

How does the game make money?
The project accepts donations through Patreon to fund the operation of the server. As a bonus, you get your server every month.

OpenTTD is an old friend. Over the years, it was all about building a massive transportation network. Because it is the source port of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, you can also download it on Steam starting April 1, 2021.
You don’t need the original Transport Tycoon to play. Then the open-source version has its assets entirely. If you like to immerse yourself in nostalgia, you can also import original graphics, sounds, and music.

How does the game make money?
OpenTTD accepts donations via bank transfer, PayPal, and checks to fund the website and build the server. Again, these are just to support the project and do nothing for the donors.

Renegade X
Those who remember Command & Conquer Renegade will be pleased to know that a team of fans took the idea of ​​the shooter from the Command & Conquer universe and carried on. Dubbed Renegade X, the project offers a multiplayer mode with bots and even a single-player campaign.
You play against each other as spartan soldiers of GDI or NOD on numerous multiplayer maps and destroy the enemy’s base. In addition, Renegade X uses the technology of the First Tiberium War and the technology of the Tiberium Sun and Firestorm. This means you can also use mechs and such.

How does the game make money?
The team accepts donations through the project’s official website. However, backers will not receive any incentives or preferential treatment.

Remnants of the Precursors
If you were disappointed with Galactic Civilizations 4, Remnants of the Pioneers might be for you. This follows in the footsteps of Master Orion and expands the gameplay. Each faction has a unique and personalized dialogue that brings them to life.
Races differ not only in appearance. Because depending on who you play and who you meet, you have to adjust your tactics. Diplomacy and espionage also play an essential role. Because you can’t study every technology, this also affects your ship design.

How does the game make money?
The project is represented on Patreon, and you can support it with monthly donations. In return, you will receive monthly notifications about the project’s status, and you will also receive screenshots of new features being developed.

Skylords Reborn
In 2009, BattleForge used microtransactions to mix real-time strategy and card games. But why is it on this list? Simple: After it was discontinued in 2013, fans came to the rescue, morphing it into Skylords Reborn and scrapping the fundamental money components entirely.
These missions rely heavily on player cooperation. Additionally, new developers plan to expand the project with additional content such as PvE modes, PvE seasons, and new maps.

How does the game make money?
It is possible to support Skylords Reborn through Patreon donations. As a bonus, depending on the level, you can get early access to news and patch notes, special artwork, and help design new maps.

SuperTuxKart is a FOSS solution to the very popular Mario Kart. Instead of racing against Nintendo’s mascot, you use one of the FOSS projects, such as Linux’s Tux penguin or the GNU project’s wildebeest.
There’s a story mode where Gnu is kidnapped, so Tux and his friends set out to rescue him before he turns into goulash. As the event progresses, you unlock new tracks. There’s also a multiplayer mode for up to eight players.

How does the game make money?
SuperTuxKart relies on community support in the form of donations. The money is used to buy new hardware for development, pay server costs or hire artists. As a bonus, donors are named in the credits unless they expressly do not wish to do so.

While SuperTuxKart is the FOSS variant of Mario Kart, SuperTux is the open-source version of Super Mario Bros. It’s a jump and run game where you play as the mascot of the FOSS project, fight jumps and collect power-ups. I can’t deny this great example.

How does the game make money?
Like SuperTuxKart, SuperTux is funded entirely through donations. Backers sometimes gain early access to new levels or add-ons before being released to the public.

Thrive is somewhat reminiscent of Spore’s original vision. You’ll develop in seven distinct stages, starting with microbes and ending with civilizations spanning the entire universe. However, only an extensive stage as a small-celled organism is combined with a multicellular stage. Your goal is to adapt to changing environmental conditions and survive.

How does the game make money?
The Patreon campaign funded the development of Thrive. These backers have access to the developer version of the game and direct contact with the team. You can also buy the game on and Steam starting November 26, 2021. The latter version gives you access to Steam features such as cloud saves. However, the game content is the same as the free version.

As the name suggests, the free version of Pokémon is here for you. Tuxemon is another ” Tux ” project that creates open versions of popular Nintendo games. You embark on a journey to capture monsters, train them, and finally compete against other trainers in turn-based battles.
To play the latest version of Tuxemon, you must launch it directly from the game’s source code. The official website explains in detail how. The last version that worked fine was a bit old, released in March 2020. However, the project is still very early and currently offers very little.

How does the game make money?
The project accepts donations, such as payments to artists who make new tiles. Bonuses include mentions in the credits, choosing which artwork will be made next, and the ability to name a release. All received funds can be viewed on the official website. Alternatively, you can support Tuxemon every month through Patreon.

Unconquered uses the same premise as Natural Selection 2. You either side with tech-savvy humans in multiplayer battles or play as slimy aliens. Each of the two factions is entirely different. While the former relies primarily on powerful firepower, movement and camouflage are essential to aliens. However, the team’s goal is to destroy the enemy’s base.
You can also unlock upgrades in each round. Humans have acquired better and better weapons, while aliens have evolved and become more terrifying. If you don’t want to fight other players, you can also confront computer-controlled NPCs.

How does the game make money?
Unvanquished does not offer donation options. The team itself carries out the entire project.

Vega Strike
Vega Strike is a 3D space simulation game where you explore, trade and fight. However, before achieving anything, you have to work your way up because you start the game with an old cargo ship and have to find your way in the universe.
Vega Strike sees itself only as an engine. However, there is also an official campaign, On the Coldest Seas. You travel the universe as a Deucalion bounty hunter or mercenary, dealing with Aera, Rlaan, and the Federation. You can play not only in single player but also in multiplayer. Even though split-screen if necessary.
The project has existed since the early 2000s. The latest version is exclusive to Linux and does not currently support Windows or macOS. However, the team is working to restore it. However, if you have the Steam platform, you can install it with developer mode enabled. However, keep in mind that it will be automatically removed when you update SteamOS.

How does the game make money?
You can’t support Vega Strike financially, but the developers stress using any help. Even someone who doesn’t need any programming knowledge. Specifically, they’re talking about artists who can create stories, artwork, or music.

Warzone 2100
The veteran must be familiar with the name Warzone 2100. The game was released commercially in 1999. However, following a fan petition, the source code was released. Since then, it has become one of a few projects that can only be attributed to its community.
This real-time strategy game relies heavily on its 3D engine, and the gameplay focuses on the use of sensors and radar, which you can use to scout for enemy activity and plan your attacks.

How does the game make money?
Warzone 2100 also relies on donations to pay for things like server costs. Since these fees don’t change, it’s even possible to support the project with a subscription. However, supporters did not get any favors.