Exor Studios studio, which develops a bright action with the elements of The Riftbreaker, announced the first paid addition to the game called Metal Terror.

The RiftBreaker update

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror will explore the new area of the Galatea 37 system – the metal valley (or metal valley). This is a completely unique biom, inhabited by various creatures that you have not met before.

DLC is divided into two parts – paid and free. Free content includes BIOM, a new script, monsters, technologies, weapons and other innovations, which developers will tell in more detail on May 30.

The paid part includes the same as free, but everything will be more diverse, and new branches of the story campaign will also appear for several hours.

All players will gain access to new content in survival mode and sandbox mode. Everyone will also be able to use new assets in Riftbreaker Editor Suite to create user cards and campaigns. The acquisition of expansion, in turn, will allow you to go through a new part of the story campaign and use new technologies in the campaign mode.

The update price is $ 9.99. The exit will take place on May 30.