The first round of the group stage of the Chinese league team ‘RNG’, which is being caught in preferential controversy in the 2022 mid -season Invitational, has been invalidated. The difference in the game response speed (ping) that was raised between players and fans turned out to be true.

Riot Games’ Operation Global Manager Alex Fransu announced on the 13th that it will invalidate all the matches that RNG played in the first round of the group stage through the official website of League of Legends (Roll) e -Sports on the 13th.. This is because the in -game ping was higher than expected in the stadium, and this was because RNG, which participated in the game online in China, gained great profits. RNG’s group stage first round is scheduled to be played again over 14 and 15 days.

PSG vs RNG - Day 4 LoL MSI 2022 Group Stage | PSG Talon vs Royal Never Give Up full game

According to the entrance statement, the management has raised questions about Ping and confirmed the log after the 11th. A wide range of tests and reviews found that Ping at the Busan Stadium recorded in the game log was higher than the intended 35ms. As a result, it was revealed that the teams who played in Busan played in an unfavorable environment compared to RNG, which was played remotely in the 35ms environment. If the ping is high, the character response slows down, which causes a lot of inconvenience in manipulation.

Alex Fransu and General Manager said, ‘Didn’t you grasp the preliminary test stage more quickly?’ After receiving feedback from the players, I found out that the existing inspection was wrong. ”

In the end, the suspicion of the players who seemed to be ping more than 35ms due to the forced 35 ping were found to be true. Already, all the players, including ‘Faker’ Lee Sang -hyuk, had complained of inconvenience from the first day of the competition, saying there was a difference between the practice hall and the convention hall. However, there was actually a technical problem, and it was revealed that all of the players against RNG played on a tilted playground.

Among the RNG players, ‘Way’ Yanyang Way, ‘Gala’ Cheonwei, and ‘Ming’ Si Sunming expressed their dissatisfaction with the Libra, which means a fair ruling on the Weibo post.

In addition to the response speed, RNG has been caught in both suspicions of preferential and violations of regulations. In particular, the first day of the opening, the players did not use the set headsets, the shoes were not properly equipped, and there was no referee or facecam. Although there was a clarification of Riot Games, the fans responded to the inconvenience.