18. May 2022 This article has been updated to reflect the confirmation of the Roller Champions’ publication date by Ubisoft

Creator Program Launch Video | Roller Champions

After several months full of leaks and speculations, Roller Champions finally has an official release date – and it is really not far away. Roller Champions will be released on Wednesday, May 25th for his first content. The “opening season” by Roller Champions will take a month according to this video.

This date was originally leaked by ‘lumia updates ”on Twitterr. The account had only stated that this was the release date for Xbox, but Ubisoft has confirmed that Roller Champions will be released on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles and PC next week. It was also confirmed that versions for Nintendo Switch and Stadia are also in the works.

The game starts with cross play and cross progression between all platforms. The only areas in which cross play is not activated are custom games and team creation, but Ubisoft says that these two functions will be available in future updates.

Although it is advertised as a opening season, Roller Champions’ ranking list mode is activated, and there will also be a 30-step season pass full of content. You will also receive objects and bonuses in the game when you invite friends to come to Roller Champions and join them.

Roller Champions clearly had a somewhat bumpy development, but hopefully it will deliver if the players put on their ice skates next week.