Warcraft Arclight Rumble Beta Gameplay!
Within the universe of Warcraft , the Kobolds are a race of underground humanoids that dig the earth in search of “bright” things. In Warcraft Arclight Rumble, developers have chosen to give these vile creatures a very important status, since they will do the role of gold miners, to allow you to accelerate your economy and generate more troops .

Despite its small size, you can be sure that this little Kobold will be absolutely crucial, since it will allow you to ument the economy of the game.

What exactly does the Kobold?

As its name suggests, the mining Kobold is almost exclusively used to extract gold on the map. Therefore, it will move first to gold deposits, if these are at least partially full.

What do we know about the gold mines?

In Warcraft Arclight Rumble, the map topography changes between items. Consequently, the provision of gold deposits is likely to also vary. On the other hand, it is possible through the beta version to learn more about them.

Gold mines can have several gold nuggets (between 1 and three gold units) *
Gold mines recharge over time. Once empty, a tank can again provide gold if a kobold attacks it again.
Once empty, a gold mine will recover 1 gold vein every 5 seconds. Keep in mind that gold extraction can only be done when there are no mining kobolds drilling the mine.

Little but op?

Clash Royale players can confirm it; The generation of resources is a parameter dominated in a atheque de torre. In CR, Elixir’s collectors cost no less than 6 elixir units, and they are immobile buildings! In War, the Kobold only costs 1 gold unit. And even if the latter is still a very vulnerable troop, in theory it is able to obtain profits very easily. Its location will be a key factor in your chances of winning the next Blizzard mobile game!