In this short guide, dedicated to a new resource in V Rising, we will see how to make stone bricks using the grinder. They will then be used to build a more substantial castle with much more presence. It is quite true that during the first hours of the game, the dream of living in a “castle” worthy of a vampire lord is still far from being a reality. But as you slowly work your way through V Rising’s basic quests, the game will eventually prompt you to upgrade stone brick builds. From this point, serious things begin, and we tell you how to achieve them.

How to make a Chopper?
This is one of the first Refinement Workshops in the V Rising build menu. But you will have to go through several previous stages that will require you to collect materials that are a little more advanced than just stone and wood. To be sure, you will need to have upgraded the hammer to be able to mine copper ores. Improved armor is also recommended for clearing bandit camps.

First step: the forge
We’re going to get past the sawmill pass, and you should make it easy. On the other hand, you will need copper ore for the furnace, and for that, you will have to go through the small step indicated above: improve the hammer. Then you will have to burn 80 copper ores inside to create the four ingots necessary for the design of the crusher. The copper ores will take you deeper into the forest, but you should come across them regularly on your way.

Second step: The sharpening stones
It’s a bit complex, but you’ll first need to find some in the wild to build the grinder to craft whetstones. Following the short guide below, you will see how to make them and where to find them very quickly on the map. An efficient option is to go to the points of interest and see what resources are in each place from the map. Please take advantage of it to optimize your trips through the forest.

Stone bricks and dust, the resources of the crusher
Like all other automatic stations, this workshop works thanks to the essence of blood you have collected during your victories. By sliding rough stones into the crusher, you will collect stone dust necessary to manufacture whetstone and the famous bricks needed for the advancement of your castle. Once the required components have been assembled, head back to camp and craft the structure.