The early access to V Rising launched less than a week ago (Tuesday, May 17) and already, the survival game enthusiasts (vampiric) seem to respond. By way of press release, the Swedish studio Stunlock claims the sale of 500,000 copies.

V Rising - The FASTEST POSSIBLE START Guide for New Players

The level of sales corroborates the craze that could already be seen on Steam. On the day of the exit, Steamdb reported a peak of 46,000 players connected simultaneously on the official servers of the game, the figure increased to more than 70,000 after two days of operation and in less than a week, it reaches Now an over 150,000 players connected simultaneously.
A number of players connected simultaneously who classifies V rising in sixth row of the most played games on Steam – behind the heavy goods vehicles of the platform which monopolize the first places in the ranking, starting with Lost Ark , then Counter -Strike: Global offensive and Dota 2 , PUBG: Battleground and Apex Legends .

If the figures stand out as a great commercial success for the independent studio Stunlock, the real popularity of V rising will have to be evaluated over time and in terms of the developer’s ability to retain players with updates likely to Regularly renewing the attraction of the game. For the record, it is the Stunlock project, which notably promises the addition of new features and new regions to explore throughout early access and until the official release of the title. It remains to materialize the promise.