Riot Games is having a lot of trouble keeping the news about hitting League of Legends a secret. We have seen it with the case of Bel’Veth, a champion with whom all the leaks were baited. However, it is not always the fault of information leaks that news reaches the public ahead of time. Sometimes, the developer’s partners make a mistake that allows us to know the future of the video game. This time, precisely what has happened with skin points to the great summer event.

The Star Guardians return to League of Legends.
The issue has surfaced in a video posted by the Korean League of Legends account. It showcased the changes from patch 12.10 that just hit and showed off the new return to base animations that will be given out as a reward for being an honorable player. The problem is that, when showing her on different champions, a Rell skin appeared that has not yet made it to the game and corresponds to the Star Guardian theme. A set of cosmetics whose return has been rumored for some time could be coming to the game very soon.

Different leaders have been pointing out the possibility that this line of skins will be incorporated into the game in recent months, and now Riot Games seems to confirm it because of a bug. The dates would still be determined, although everything indicates that Guardians of the Stars will star in the great event of the summer, and hopefully, they will join the title in the middle of next July. It is on these dates that these types of events usually take place. The last two years with Spiritual Bloom and The Ruin are what happened.

Beyond the aspects and their possible release date, it is unknown what the main mechanics of the event will be or the plans of Riot Games in this regard. A Kai’Sa cosmetic will likely join Rell’s skin, but in any case, a dozen skins could be released that are yet to be determined. Ultimately, we also want to highlight that the summer event is always the biggest event of the year, and, while it didn’t happen with The Ruin, it’s also a player favorite.