Basking is a form of art, since it is a balance of street mind and a workshop of playing a musical instrument. In Bitlife, you can become a street musician as part of the Street Hustler career. All you need to become better is practice and practice again.

What is a street musician in Bitlife?

A street musician is one of the professions available in Street Hustler. Special career in Bitlife. The Street Hustler career includes four professions: Busker, Street Performer, Panhandler and Scam Artist. A street musician, like other professions, depends on making money at different speeds, which depends on your results on the streets. To work Busker, you will need to learn how to play the tool to speak to strangers in public in the hope that they will donate money.

How to increase the skills of a street musician in Bitlife

To improve Busker skills in Bitlife, one of the number one priority that you will have is to master the tool . Really high possession of the tool guarantees better work, since the whole point of this career is to play music for people on the street. You will also want to practice the “work” tab often speaking every year . This is very similar to actions such as training on the School tab when you are younger. To do this, go to the “Work” tab, click on the “street musician” vacancy (after you were hired) and click on the option to make a street performance .

How to play a tool in Bitlife

Playing a tool in Bitlife is quite easy, especially if you start playing at an early age (you can start playing instruments at the age of six). When you are ready, follow the following actions:

Go measures tab in the application, which is three points to the right of the large button Age.
On the Action tab, click Mind Body button with a woman in a meditation pose.
In the Mind & Body menu, select the saxophone icon with the inscription Practice on the instrument .
* Choose what tool you want to deal with. If you are not an adult, you will need a resolution of your parents to practice.
Try and do several times a year . Follow the indicator of the instrument, as it will tell you how much experience and talent you have, playing this tool.

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