The new Minecraft series developed by Mojang has been released. The action strategy game ‘Minecraft Legend’ is the main character.

On the 13th, Mojang Studio unveiled its new ‘Minecraft Legend’ through the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase 2022 on YouTube. The game is an action strategy game made using the Minecraft worldview and game style. It is a peaceful Overworld that the Nether Monster Piglin invades the swarm of the player.

According to the released video, the Minecraft’s unique architectural elements are inherited, while the new graphics in the form of cartoon rendering can be checked. The player must command several creatures of Overworld, such as zombies and cripplers, to destroy several hubs built by the group of Piglin, and players can also fight on the battlefield with their own weapons. Various siege weapons, such as dialysis and turrets, appear, and the key point is to break through the castles and regions occupied by their own strategies.

The Minecraft Legend will be released in the first half of next year, and can be enjoyed by XBOX, PS, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Game Pass. More information will be announced later.