The exact dates of releases of new processors and video cards have not yet been approved, but the Greymon55 insider reports that he became aware of the relentless windows of the upcoming new products. So we learned that the AMD Radeon RX 7000 on RDNA 3 is expected from late October to mid-November, and Ryzen 7000 processors on Zen 4 should go on sale from late September to mid-October.


If you take into account releases from other manufacturers, but a rather interesting autumn awaits us ahead. Recall that at the end of the summer, the release of Intel ARC video cards for desktop PCs is expected, and in the interval between the beginning of September and the end of October, the stores of the 13 generation Intel Core processors should be received on the store shelves.

As for video cards from NVIDIA, at the moment insiders claim that RTX 4090 are expected in September-October, RTX 4080-in October-November, RTX 4070-in November-December, and RTX 4060 in January 2023.