During the session of questions and answers to Reddit, the Game Director of Overwatch 2 Aaron Keller opened some details regarding the game.

Overwatch 2 on the release will replace the first part. Owners of the original Overwatch will just need to download and install a patch. All the features of the sequel, such as the format of matches 5 by 5 and the new balance will be immediately available. But PVE will have to wait until 2023. It is noteworthy that since there will be no lootboxes in Overwatch 2, all chests with cosmetics from the first part when transferring progress to the second will be automatically open.


According to the road map, which Blizzard recently published, large content updates will be released seasonally, every nine weeks. In the first season, Sojourn and Junker Queen, as well as a new map, will be presented.