Do you want to know how to download Overwatch 2 beta? ? In this second test, players can finally have the new hero, Junker Queen, and a new Paradise map in their hands. Fortunately, both console players and PC players are eligible for Download Overwatch 2, and here is a complete guide for it.

How to download Overwatch 2 beta?

Before continuing, it is worth noting that players who have registered for the second early access can participate in the latest beta version of Overwatch 2. These are the steps to download Overwatch 2 beta on PC:

  • Start the client and log in to your account.
    Navigate to Supervision in the game launcher.
    Select the drop-down menu of the game version located in the lower left of the screen.
    Select Technological Beta of Overwatch 2 and press the install button.
    Once downloaded, press the blue Play Start button.

The file size for the beta version of Overwatch 2 is approximately 50 GB, which is obviously more than the standard version of Overwatch. Therefore, be sure to release some storage space to accommodate the files and perform a quick installation.

In addition to the record, players must also have the original Overwatch copy to be eligible for the beta version. According to Blizzard, Overwatch buyers will automatically obtain a free copy 2 when launched worldwide.

How to get access to Overwatch 2 Beta?

Those who lost the registration this time can sign up for the third phase. The players will be selected through the web subscription process and will receive an invitation by email.

Another way to get access to the Beta version of Overwatch 2 is to look at the first weekend of the fifth season of the Overwatch League on the YouTube channel of the Overwatch League. Start by linking your account to your YouTube account and see the live transmission of Overwatch League on YouTube from May 5 to 8. If you are lucky, you will receive one of the 1500 access codes to the Overwatch 2 beta.

1500 beta keys released per hour ????


If you haven’t gotten into the Beta JCJ of #Overwatch2, don’t worry!

You will have another opportunity to get access watching #OWL2022 during the opening weekend!

-League Overwatch (@verwatchleague) April 27, 2022

That is all you need to know about downloading the second Overwatch 2 Beta. Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other content related to Overwatch here in DLPRIVATOSERVER, as how is the problem that Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack solves? Answer, how to get the doctor Brigitte (legendary) in Overwatch with Twitch, and more.

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