Source-Samsung Electronics Newsroom

Samsung Electronics announced that it will hold the ‘NEO QLED 8K Big Picture in for: REST’ at 70 Samsung Digital Plaza nationwide from July 4 to August 31.

This exhibition is an event designed to digitize the works of the domestic art world and NON-Fungible Token (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN) famous artists in 8K quality and make the exhibition presented at COEX in April for more people in Samsung Digital Plaza.
※ Exhibition schedules and places can be changed and terminated without notice, and Samsung Digital Plaza exhibition will only be held in some stores.

NEO QLED 8K Big Picture in for: REST, which is the name of the 8K ultra-high definition screen, vividly captures the work of art and provides users with a rest (REST).

Experimental Media Artist Hanho, who works on the world, Kim Geun-joong, who explores Natural Being (existence), Yo-jin, who conveys the message of peace and love with a pleasant picture, and Lim Chae-wook, who contains the unique beauty of Korea A total of 18 works of 15 artists can be viewed more vividly through the 2022 NEO QLED 8K.

NEO QLED 8K provides a complete immersion experience that feels a three-dimensional effect with quantum mini LEDs and color expression, detail, and contrast. In addition, the store where the exhibition is conducted said that during the exhibition, NEO QLED 8K purchases will be given a 24-month subscription to the Tea Bing.

In addition to Samsung Digital Plaza, Samsung Electronics will hold a pop-up exhibition in Cafe Marli in Seongsu-dong. The pop-up exhibition will be held from July 4th to July 16th, and you can enjoy 8K quality digital works and original works together.

Yoon Tae-sik, executive director of Samsung Electronics, Korea, said, We are going to hold an exhibition once again at Samsung Digital Plaza, which can be easily visited by customers, thanks to the hot support for the exhibition held at COEX last April. I hope you will be able to enjoy more emotions and artistic experiences through 8K.