The global version of the mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order will soon launch a new summer event, in which players will visit the Summer Camp of Servants ~Caldea’s Frightening Night~. The event will begin on July 12 and will invite players to explore a new singularity that is located in Japan, but this time it does not contain beach stories, although it will not do without swimsuits.


The free event servant this time will be the 4-star lancer Yu Mei-ren from Lostbelt No.3. Previously, the heroine was a master in Caldea, and therefore is a senpai for the players and will help in event tasks. Of course, thematic banners will not do without them, in which you can get 4-star Ilyasviel von Einzbern, 5-star Seschschein Kiara, 4-star Brunnhilde, 5-star Abby, as well as 4-star Tomoe Gozen and Murasaki Shikiba.