Something that is no doubt is the great use that Google Chrome gives to CPU in virtually any computer or device, this goes from some with Windows , Mac and even in cell phones. And now, it has been confirmed that the company is looking for a way to optimize its browser to be a simpler task to apply.

In the update 105 of Google Chrome OS It is planned to apply a function called as quick intensive throttling of loaded background pages . Same that seeks to distribute the use of CPU in a more balanced way. With an approach to the eyelashes that are working at the time, and leaving others with less priority for the machine.

The function will be activated once 10 seconds of inactivity have passed, thus leaving space for the computer to focus on what the user is doing. According to the analysis, this will give much more performance to the battery, since with Google Chrom e, it seems that any laptop is drained at light speed.

At the moment it is unknown when this addition will arrive, since they continue to carry out different tests, in which there is little by little there is a substantial improvement in varied percentages. In addition, they are planning to add more elements to make it a great update, this can include the window partition mode and use several at the same time.