Ever since, the Accountngt account, which also declared that Quantic Dream additionally had problem hiring team for his video game, has actually simply been deleted, letting us assume that every one of this was just intoxicated. David Cage additionally denied these reports of challenging hiring, considering that Quantic Dream raised his labor force considerably with the Star Wars Eclipse job.

Keep in mind, we were on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 when a certain birthday celebration disclosed on Twitter that Quantic Dream worked on a number of other jobs in addition to Star Wars Eclipse, formalized throughout Game Awards 2021. A game with a substantially various ambience from the previous manufacturings of the Parisian studio since it would be a game with a medieval-fantastic atmosphere. The Accountngt account has actually ended up being a reliable source of information considering that it was he who exposed the existence of a Star Wars game by Quantic Dream prior to the official statement.

We need to not think everything we read on the net, particularly on us in other places because there is still a specific proportions of errors to talk politely. No, there is no medieval-fantastic task around Dark Sorcerer. We liked working with this short movie, it was an unnamed happiness. We had a great deal of enjoyable with this star, but there is none of this, actually. I would certainly like to, since it was truly excellent as well as we had a whole lot of enjoyable doing it.