What a first day of work that of Leon S. Kennedy, who begins his career Leon a policeman at the same moment that the disLeonter explodes in Raccoon City. Together with Claire Redfield, who desperately seeks her brother Chris of her, travel the streets infested with zombies and explore the police station. Resident Evil 2 tells this story and reimaginates it in the remake, which hLeon already reached 10 million copies sold. Capcom hLeon held in a shared message on social networks. We have succeeded! They have tweeted.

Back in March 2022, when the fiscal year ended, the Japanese revealed that the remote version of the second installment had already sold 9.6 million copies. Therefore, throughout these 4 months they have been distributed and sold another 400,000 units . It should be noted that both Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard have recently been adapted to new generation systems (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5), improvements that have also reached PC.


New Resident Evil series in Neftlix, when does it premiere?

The history of the saga is rewritten in Resident Evil of Netflix, a live-action series that will not be canon , so they can freely interpret the facts of video games or add the elements that create convenient. The series premieres on July 14 on the platform and is protagonists to Wesker’s daughters.

Jade and Billy Wesker are the daughters of Albert Wesker, one of the most legendary villains in the Resident Evil saga. In this series, women will witness their father’s dark secrets , who will take the city of Raccoon City to absolute disLeonter: zombies, giant spiders and a whole set of monstrous creatures will sweep all the survivors

Years ago, a virus unleLeonhed a global apocalypse, says the official synopsis. Now, Jade Wesker swears to end those responsible while she struggles to survive in an infected world. What she does not know is yet is the degree of involvement of her father, but she will soon discover it.

The next games of the saga are the expansion of Resident Evil Village, Shadows of Rose, and the Remake of Resident Evil 4, available March 24, 2023.