MoistCr1tikal, the owner and YouTuber owner and YouTuber-based E-sports team-based E-sports team, has effective almost all skulls (special modes). In addition, the prize money that had been used for the challenge to achieve the no description (Legendary All Skulls ON (Laso)) was raised to $ 20,000 (about 2.76 million yen) from $ 5,000 to $ 4 ** (about 2.76 million yen). *

This challenge is to clear the legendary, the highest difficulty of Halo2, with almost all skulls except for one from the beginning. The skull in the Halo series is derived from skull items that enable special mode by picking up, and the effects are diverse, but basically all enemies have transparent abilities shield Most of the effects of the difficulty increase system such as but will not recover automatically.

In this challenge, there is a condition that only ENVY Skull, which has the effect of giving players with transparent ability, is set, and submits a distribution log that will be evidence of the challenge achievement. In the application form, the description of the time stamp in the proof of the scene is required.

According to him, Halo: The Master CHIEF COLLECTION, which can be played with Halo 2 Anniversary, which is a challenge ticket for the most difficult challenge in the history of the game that no one has achieved for 18 years, is a PC (Steam/Mircosoft Store). /Xbox One/Xbox Series X |