3Dgos has been a participant in the event of the 25th wedding anniversary of Quantic Dream in its offices in Paris. The growth group opened up the doors of his home to the publication to reveal us some of his best saved tricks and also travel throughout his 25 years of history. After coming to be one of the referents in the movie experiences, do they see themselves as the kings of the style? His chief executive officer and also founder, David Cage, not only unchecks of any type of monarchical score in the category, but additionally unchecks the term film experience

Examine our report on the 25 years of Quantic Dream and our special meeting with David Cage and also his team to find out about a few of the secrets to one of the most essential studies in Europe.

No, we consider ourselves kings of absolutely nothing, being straightforward , explains 3dgos with kind tone, I assume the key is in 25 years of interest for our job. I do not like to refer to our video games as cinematographic journeys, Full-Motion Video clip or Interactive Flicks as some call our manufacturings, he specified, what we do, in brief, they are video clip games.

The video clip game, even without date, will enable the French group to launch different styles after years functioning with games like Hefty Rainfall, Beyond or Detroit: Come To Be Human. The freedom of the team after functioning twelve years with PlayStation has actually been solved with several projects without announcing in profile and modifying third-party video games, a journey that is being much more rewarding than it might seem.

His Chief executive officer and also founder, David Cage, not only unchecks of any type of monarchical rating in the category, yet likewise unchecks the term movie experience


The video game, also without date, will certainly allow the French group to release different styles after years functioning with video games like Hefty Rain, Beyond or Detroit: Become Human. The freedom of the group after working twelve years with PlayStation has actually been settled with several jobs without announcing in portfolio and editing third-party video games, an experience that is being more lucrative than it might appear.

What we do, in short, are video games David Cage worried that Quantic Dream wants understanding what takes place through the gamer’s mind while having fun with their thumbs. Both are linked, the gameplay is a vital part of the immersion As well as the story of the story yet at the same time there is a famous phrase that states ‘they will certainly remember just how they felt, yet they will not remember what they did’ as well as it is a very powerful phrase: you keep in mind extra the feelings that you lived at the controls than the points you did to reach them. The artist concluded that we like to produce video games that make you live the means . Experiences that make you assume, move and also chat to individuals around you, maybe seeing things in different ways from exactly how you saw them prior to starting, can be.