If you are trying to complete The legend begins Core Contract, you must find and kill eight security officers in Marauders. But to know that AI is considered security is quite difficult in Marauders. Fortunately, finding security officers are not as difficult as you think. Here’s all you need to know about where the AI of Security Service Employees appears in Marauuders:

Where are the security service staff in Marauuders?

Security officers, as a rule, appear during patrolling. Shipwriters and large merchant ships in open space near raid targets. Both types of ships are very easy to find on raid maps. According to the game, trading ships have currently stocked up and are waiting for help. As a result, players may encounter trading ships floating in open space next to the purpose of the main raid.

Shipwriters, as a rule, appear in the same way as trading ships, but much further from the main goal of the raid. In any case, both ships will patrol well-armed guards. Heavily armed guards that you can find on both types of ships are what the game believes. Security staff . Because of this, if you want to find and kill at least eight security officers in order to fulfill the main contract Legend begins, you must farm both. interceptor as well as merchant ships .

How to take on boarding interceptors and trading ships in Marauders

To sit on interceptors and trading ships in Marauders, you must find rescue capsule . Rescue capsules have a dual purpose: they serve as a means of escape and boarding of other ships in the game. Nevertheless, you can find rescue capsules next to the engine room of your ship. After landing in a rescue capsule, fly up to a merchant ship or a crossbar and click the key F button when the board option appears.

However, flying to the ships-interceptors/merchants, beware of the ships of enemy players and the fire of the turrets from the ship that you want to take on boarding. We recommend flying to the ship from its bottom to minimize potential risk. After landing on the ship, you can find security personnel wandering around the halls, you can kill to complete **** the legend begins the main contract. Nevertheless, exploring the ship, we recommend that you follow the players who break the camp where you sit on the ship, and in the area of the rescue capsule.

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