The Spanish team Movistar Riders has made history at the FIFA Eclub World Cup , the EA Sports World Cup and, therefore, the most important tournament on the planet. After last week JRA was close to glory falling in the quarterfinals of the individual championship, the Spanish representation has now touched the sky.

Movistar Riders makes history

Both the Spanish Andoni Payo and the Portuguese Tuga , led by Sergio Espier , have made a spectacular tournament. So much that they were planted in the semifinal to arrive with everything to the key day. And they did not hesitate to to beat Team Mgcf 2-0. They were in the final, reaching their best record in the World Cup to date.

In the final, he had to face Team Saf , who have also made an excellent championship, based on defensive solidity and an enormous quality in the attack. In fact, in the first minutes, the British team began with great force the final, having two clear chances of goal in the first minutes . But, after the initial nerves, the game was balancing and respect appeared. They were playing a lot.

In fact, Team Saf advanced on the score with a peel shoe after a quite evident defensive failure by Movistar. But The Spanish team reacted quickly , and in the next play, when only a few seconds had passed, Mbappé released an unappealable right that put the tables on the scoreboard. Thus, the first game ended with 1-1.

The second game started with Riders biting, and Ronaldo Nazario had on his feet put the advantage in the luminous, but the Van der Sar of Team Saf avoided it. The peninsular duo locked his team for several minutes in the final, but without too clear occasions . The ball was in possession of Riders and that was the best signal. But everything was about to decide in the last 45 minutes.

The tension was chewed in the environment because the two teams knew that an error was going to leave them with hardly any reaction time. They are two very ordered squads and the defenses looked like Numantine walls at all times. It gave the feeling that the first to have an occasion, would take the cat to the water.


Although that occasion reached the Fio of the 60th minute. Andoni had in his boots a shot at the virtual feet of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the trallazo was touched by the rival squad. I was getting closer. And it arrived. The Spanish player was redeemed in the 66th minute with a right-wing of Marcelo , which opted the final in favor of Riders. He was in the palm of his hand.

Far from backing, Riders wanted to have the ball and attack to sentence the game to avoid nerves . Tuga had a gold with Gullit, but his compatriot van der Sar appeared again. A few minutes later, the Portuguese player failed another very clear hand. He had to suffer.

But… it was made! Movistar Riders became the first Spanish team to become FIFA world champion. A historical feat that we will always remember.