Contemplative gameplay

We are in 1964 and Peter, a speaker at New Hall University in Cambridge, locates himself in really bad posture in full Antarctic. If this context might have given rise to a survival game, it is certainly a narrative adventure that we are qualified. Very quickly usable flashbacks, which on a regular basis alternate with polar sequences, improve our understanding of the circumstance.

International difficulties as well as intimate moments flawlessly record the environment of the 60s, pleasantly out-of-date as well as much softer as well as calm than our highly increased era. By favoring the flattens of pastel shades rather than the use of detailed structures, the artistic direction masterfully shows this ambience.

The video game takes area several interesting sequences, which approach important and numerous themes. It additionally benefits from several welcome suggestions: cinematographic grain on the picture, entire parts of decors willingly plunged right into darkness (to better highlight what issues and also leave space for creativity) and experienced changes between the 2 periods (a church takes The location of a mosaic, a journey in the snow transforms into a walk on the English roadways…). The audio aspect is not to be outshined given that it combines completely professional and convincing English voices, as well as superb piano make-ups which completely transcribe the feeling of the minute.

Some series of fundamental travel, extremely unusual things to observe in the collections, one or 2 recap activities (turn the callette of a radio to find the ideal regularity), as well as that’s all! The video game continues series as a movie would certainly do, and also leaves extremely little space for interactivity. A red round corresponds to worried, worried or perplexed, a light blue circle to alert, truthful or open, a gray rectangle to honest, impassioned or affirmative, a sunlight to enthusiastic, interested or interested, as well as A purple point to cynical, reluctant or depressed.

Circle of life

Each major later decision after that gives surge to the momentary display of the different icons preserved until after that, until the final sequence. While the adventure borrows the codes of interactive video games with numerous branches, it organizes with a script artifice (not always unwelcome from the pure factor of view of the narrative in other places) to offer just one and only end. We must likewise do with routine worries of accidents (arms of the personalities that cross, body which passes slightly through the walls…), a pop-up effect on particular components of the collections, as well as an amusing result of shivering 3D designs that recommends at times that the video game increases (while it is indeed turning over a hundred pictures per second).

If this context might have offered surge to a survival game, it is certainly a narrative journey that we are qualified. The game takes location a number of interesting sequences, which come close to different and also essential motifs. The game proceeds series as a film would do, as well as leaves very little room for interactivity. While the journey borrows the codes of interactive video games with several branches, it prepares with a manuscript artifice (not always undesirable from the pure point of view of the narrative elsewhere) to supply only one and also only end. We must likewise do with routine problems of accidents (arms of the characters who go across, body which passes a little with the walls…), a pop-up impact on specific aspects of the sets, and also an amusing result of trembling 3D models that recommends at times that the video game raises (while it is without a doubt turning over a hundred photos per second).