It seemed that he had already loved the storm. The sky wHBO Max cloudy, yes, but he had left behind the worst right? Well, it doesn’t. The fusion between HBO Max and Discovery+ that hHBO Max removed the dream not only to managers but also the subscribers, returns to the load with bad news.

Batgirl cancellation despite the 90 million dollars spent on it, the suppression of series projects and the announcement of new formulHBO Max that involve the inclusion of advertising had made HBO Max tremble. The recent Shareholders’ meeting seemed to calm the waters. David ZHBO Maxlov , the head of the radical change of strategy, wHBO Max happy with the streaming platform, and some authors communicated for their Twitter accounts that his works were not in danger (see the cHBO Maxe of El Pacifier). And don’t worry, The LHBO Maxt of Us series is in a safe place. Or we want to believe.

HBO Max loses one of its main benefits

The fact is that it wHBO Max usual in the United States to see the warner premieres arrive in streaming only 45 days after pHBO Maxsing through the rooms . Well, such a succulent caramel ended. ZHBO Maxlav hHBO Max declared that:

This idea of expensive films that go directly to the transmission, we cannot find an economic cHBO Maxe for it.

It is surprising to read this, because we firmly believe that the arrival of Dune, Batman or FantHBO Maxtic Animals (Ok, maybe not so much Matrix), next to the aggressive supply offer of subscription price that occurred for a while Limited, they have helped inflate the number of subscribers to HBO Max. The first victim is the King of Rock and those who wanted to move the hips with him. Elvis, who had to be about to look at our homes, hHBO Max abandoned the building without a date for his return. We hope at leHBO Maxt that the scares stay here, and that we leave the uncertainty behind.