Square Enix will release the tactical RPG Tactics Ogurborn on November 11, 2022 (STEAM version is November 12) for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch. Announced.

Tactics Oga was released in 1995 as a tactical RPG for Super Nintendo. In 2010, the company released the PSP software Tactics Oga Fate of Fate, which has been new scenarios, characters, and system renewal.

Tactics Ogre Born has improved graphics and sounds based on Tactics Ouga Fate Ring. In addition, changing from level management for each class used in Tactics Ouga Fate Ring to level management for each unit **, new battle AI, autosube, etc. Playability is being improved.

In this article, we will pick up some parts of the published latest information and introduce some points.

Is the scenario compliant?

It is stated that the game is based on the Tactics Ogre Fate of Fate, but there was no information about the scenario. However, if you look at the announcement trailer released this time, you can see that there is a woman who seems to be a character Lavinis .

Lavinis is one of the new characters added in Tactics Oga Fate Ring. She was tossed by the war, and she was a very impressive character. She seems to think that her scenario is also based on the Tactics Ouga Fate Ring, as she has her existence.

By the way, there were several other new characters in Tactics Oga Fate of Fate, so I’m curious if this will appear.

TP system abolished?

Tactics Ogurborn that has renewed the UI. As you can see from the battlefield screen of the bass work Tactics Ouga Fate of Fate, the TP is no longer displayed from the character status.

TP is a gauge that was necessary to use skills and special moves. In this trailer, special moves such as Lin Hearts and Spiral Scire have been confirmed, but we did not know whether they were consuming MP or HP or the number of times when activated.

Attribute for each character is back!

In Tactics Ogurborn, the element (attribute) that existed in the original version seems to be revived. The screenshot on the official website depicts a mark that represents an attribute next to the character display.

In addition, the type of attribute seems to be assigned to the original version of the original version of fire, water, wind, land, and the lightning / ice of Tactics Oga Fate is allocated for each unit. It is also a matter of whether this attribute is determined from the original, or whether the impact of each unit is as large as the original version.

New combat effects?

In part of the trailers and screenshots, there is a scene where the back unit attacks the enemy, along with the word chain when attacking while being sandwiched between enemies in a friendly unit. Unfortunately, the damage notation after the attack has not appeared, so it is unknown what it will be.

Also, we do not know the conditions such as whether it will surely occur when the enemy is sandwiched. However, if it is advantageous to have an enemy, it seems that you can make a strategy based on the mobility unit or chain in a hard unit that can be a decoy.

The trailer released this time alone can check systems such as C.H.A.R.I.O..T. and unit injury in Tactics Oga Fate Ring. In addition, the official website has up to 10 people, and the trailer has 12 sorties, so it seems to be based on the PSP version.

Tactics Ogurborn will be released on November 11, 2022 (Steam version is November 12) for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch.