In APEX Legends, players will be able to experience the Royal Battle on various cards added to the rotation list. Earlier, the developers reported that in the 14th season, Kings-Canyon will return to the game with some significant updates. If you are interested in what cards will be added to the Battle Royale mode next season, we will help you. That’s all the players need to know about Battle Royale cards in the rotation for the 14th season of APEX Legends.

What are the Battle Royale cards in the Apex Legends Season 14?

As the developer previously reported, Kings Canyon will return to the game with significant changes (and with the new name). Players will see the ReForged Kings Canyon card, joining the ranking regime in the Apex Legends Season 14. This card will be presented in split 1 for the rating royal battle. The iconic POI of the city of skulls will no longer return to the game. However, a new POI called Relic was added to the map, the design of which is inspired by Skull Town.

Data collection experts and community experts also noted that Storm Point may become the second card presented for split 2 for the rating of the royal battle. Storm Point was also part of the rating rotation of Battle Royale cards in season 13, and it will be interesting to see all the new changes that will appear on this map in the future.

As for the rotation of public matches, players can expect as overlated Kingz-canyon as well as stormy point to be present in the cards bullet. While there is no news about the edge of the world and Olympus, the players will have to wait until the new season comes to see all the available cards. In the 14th season, a new legend named Vantage will appear, and the fans cannot be patient to see how this character will affect the meta.

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